Schleepy Hugo | Doing some lino carving for uni | Found my lust-have-it nail polish! | Getting my hair cut at BrisHair for $12! | Photoshopping Emma Stone’s hairstyle on my head.. *so mature* | How my haircut turned out! <3 | Lusting over this beige metallic jumper | Studying at the library.. this is the ceiling | Dinner with Michael at Hog’s Breath

I had a great week! Main feature there is the selfies because I’m just so so happy with how my hair turned out. I don’t need no expensive salon to get a killer haircut! And it was pretty killer, 110% happy with it. No great purchases this week asides from the $2 Ulta3 nailpolish in a shade I’ve been searching for.. like.. ever. Lollypop Lilac, and I’m sporting them right now. The week finished off on Saturday where I had a beautiful dinner with Michael at a very noisy and festive Hog’s Breath.. there were two birthday parties going on and we were seated right next to them both! This oncoming week, I’ll show off some more outfit posts and hopefully be able to post about that photoshoot I had two weeks ago with my bestie Louisa, and there’ll be a special and very “bright” edition of Carbon Copies coming up next.. getting excited yet?? ;)

How was your week, frugalistas?? Pick up any new bargains, break any new hearts?

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