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The last two weeks were kind of interesting but nothing compared to what yesterday’s shenanigans consisted of! I went down to the Kelvin Grove markets to check in on how my team was doing selling their wares at the marketplace (the celebrity herbs, OMG!) and how the hotdog team was doing inside Woolworths and it was kind of yikes for me. Since a big passion of mine is marketing and promotion (having been in the industry for about four years now), I could see everywhere that could have been improved for that day to ensure a more successful sale. Like putting more posters up. And not in places like underground carparks or on the noticeboard of the second floor of a uni building that nobody is going into, haha.  And maybe just in general having more than two posters.

So I pulled them both down and put one at the head of the marketplace so people knew where to go, and with the other one, me and Brendan (the guy in the last picture) went and spruiked around the markets to try and get interest. That wasn’t reaaally working because people were unwilling to move, so we ended up taking mobile orders. I was kind of hesitant to do more than that though I knew that what we needed to do–i.e. have a barbecue set smack bang in the middle of the markets and not just tucked away in a Woolworths down some alleyway–because we didn’t have a food license and it wasn’t exactly lawful of us to be selling hotdogs out on the streets.

After some shenanigans making teams to run back and forth to Woolworths with hotdog and drink orders, I finally ended up crafting a little DIY hotdog table out of a box that used to have water bottles in it, with the sauces all nicely set up and the bread stacked up on the side, and then an empty gloves box lined with al-foil to keep the hotdogs/onions fresh (and clean!). Marketing skills, for the win. It was a pretty big hit, especially when we got another team mate to follow us along with cold drinks in a Green Bag as well.

It was really fun all in all, and some suggested that I join the marketing team instead of the web team, haha. Seriously considering it at this stage, should be easier than being on the web design team..

Anyways, there we go, that was my life the last few weeks in a few snapshots for you! :)


    • Demi

      Hey..! that’s not me! Or mine! xD That’s my mother..

    • Demi

      Thank you Jessica! :) (Hugo is the cutest!)

    • Demi

      Looks like I’ll have to write a post about how I dye my hair then! Thanks you two :)

      (Just for future reference, if you only repeat the “classy and fabulous” twice within the same form instead of three times, your comment will immediately publish! :) Sadly, Akismet automatically chucks comments with phrases repeated three or more times in the form straight to the spam bin and I only check it about once a week, urk!)

  1. I’d love to know more about how you henna your hair. Maybe next time you do it you could do a blog post about it, the process, which products you’ve tried, how you take care of it afterwards, etc.

    • Demi

      Sure, I can do that! Henna is super super simple really and there’s not much to it at all. It’s really great for hair noobs like me, haha. :D

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