Yesterday was legitimately the best day of my life. I had such a blast at my graduation and everything went perfectly. You ever have one of those days where any change you could have wished for whatsoever wouldn’t have improved the day at all? Yesterday was one of those days. I graduated top of the cohort, with a Bachelors in Information Technology, a Bachelors in Visual Arts (Interactive and Visual Design) with distinctions for both degrees! Here’s hoping those two little pieces of paper lead to a long and prosperous life for me. The chancellor who shook my hand at the ceremony certainly seemed to have a very high opinion of these humble degrees!

During the day–Breaking free from my anti-makeup stance, I asked my mother to tint my eyelashes for me and I wore some lip stain to top off my look. I’ve started to dip my toes into a cheap Target makeup brand called “Essence”, and with mostly everything on the shelf there under $5 each.. it’s not a bad find. Also for those who are having trouble finding pink-tinted foundations/concealers (like me), “Essence” is perfect, because their makeup comes in both yellow and pink tints! And they also sell $3 quick-dry nail drops, which is about the most useful invention ever, especially since my Ulta3 collection is 80 bottles strong and steadily growing.. Anyways, blah blah, where was I?

I went to my graduation with my uncle, mother, and Michael. It was good having a strong group behind me, and super fun hearing the “WOOP WOOP WOOP” from them as I walked onto the stage to grab my certificates. I’m glad I brought my camera on that day as well and took hundreds of photos of the whole proceedings, because I seemed a hell of a lot more photogenic yesterday than I usually am (I’m guessing it’s because of the camera-friendly makeup)! I was freaking out a bit the night before with what I could wear,  but my fears were alleviated during the day as I watched girls in butt-skimming tube dresses and hooker heels prancing around in their regalia, so I figured that a pinstripe Summer dress wasn’t a bad choice after all. Actually, here’s the rundown of what I wore:

Freshwater Pearls Necklace – Aldi, $12 (These actually belong to my mother, they also came with earrings but alas, no body modifications for me so far)

Pinstripe Summer Dress – Glassons, $25 (In a 50% off sale last week! I shortened the straps just the night before because the chest was ridiculously loose on me.. talk about last minute modifications!)

Silver Pearl Ring – Wallace Bishop, $?? (It’s my mothers, again, haha)

Revlon “Oh My Magenta” Nail Polish – GroceryRun, $1 (I bought this for my mother but it matched so perfectly with the magenta regalia! Kudos to the Essence Quick Dry Drops because I put them on at 2am on the day and didn’t wake up with sheet marks on my nails–amazing!!)

Skinny Patent Belt – Target, free with another dress

Jo Mercer “Hooch” Mary Jane HeelsThe Iconic, $60 (Uh-maaazing shoes, so comfortable with a thick chunky heel and soft leather inside and out.. not sure why they got bumped up to $70 recently..)

Total:  $98!

Still fantastically frugal, even on fancy occasions. We’re not going to count how much the regalia hire cost me because that was essentially highway robbery at $75 for the hat and robes! I tried not to cry and think about how many dresses I could have bought with that money as I entered my debit card details on their website..


  1. Congrats!! :) You look absolutely lovely, the dress is perfect! Good luck with job hunting now!

    BTW, I posted in VF – I removed the offending link on my blog so hopefully it works now, let me know if it’s still blocked! (Though I haven’t posted up photos of me in that ASOS dress yet, soon hopefully!)

    • Demi

      Thank you so much Joan! The blog links to fine now (thank gosh!!) and I can’t wait to see pics of that dress in real life, I hear the pictures on ASOS don’t do it justice!

    • Demi

      Thank you, Cat! It was truly wonderful, I really hope everyone’s graduation is even half as good as mine went :P

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