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I thought I’d bring this to my readers’ attentions before it was too late! The new year shopping period brings us many opportunities to find cheap, yet high quality shoes that have been massively discounted from their original price. I’ve been going on a jolly little spending spree lately when it comes to shoes so I could stock up for the work year ahead before prices start going up, and you should consider this, too. I’m going to be investing in some good neutral staples this year, but there are a lot of bright colours, metallics and pastels on the table for most of these stores, so if you’re not looking for neutrals, it’s still worth a peek!


Appeal: With over 300 different styles of shoes on sale right now on their website, there’s definitely a little something there for everyone’s budget, in a great amount of sizes, too! In Brisbane, your best bet is to go straight to the city for sizing checks–there are two different stores (an outlet store and a retail store) in the heart of the city where you’ll sure to find something you’ll like and you’ll be able to try them on in person. The materials seem very good quality for the prices, with genuine leather uppers and inners, and Spanish resin soles. They also have a wide selection of flats (see the sidebar to the left) and I’ve even seen the odd boot or two being sold in store for way under RRP at $50 a pop! Great if you want to stock up for the oncoming Winter.

Shipping: Unfortunately, the shipping is not free unless you’re putting in a large order, so it’s probably worth looking in-store first.

Returns: I don’t like the returns policy for Wittner–if you stuff up on a purchase, or have any hint of buyer’s remorse, they’ll only offer you store credit for your purchase. Choose carefully!!

Sizing: I’m generally a 39 everywhere except for Wittner–I always have to size up to a 40.


Appeal: There are a lot of sales going on for Zu at the moment. They’re having their end of season clearance (when are they not having an end of season clearance, seriously) so you’ll definitely find some nice staples here. Zu seem to be the store for unique-looking party shoes, so if glamour and glitz is your calling, check in here first! Only downside is that there’s limited stock online and you’re usually luckier in-store with your selections. When their shoes aren’t made from satin, they’re usually leather uppers (and lining) with a synthetic sole. Some styles also offer additional padding along the insole which is a nice touch. New customers to their online store will also receive 20% off their first purchase. Lovely!

Shipping: Free!

Returns: Free! Either in-store or online.

Sizing: I’m specifically a 39/8.5 usually everywhere I go, and it goes the same for Zu sizing, I usually find them pretty accurate. Size up if you’re between sizes and they don’t offer half sizing (this applies to a few styles on their website), because you can always add an insole–it’s significantly harder to stretch a shoe or alternatively shrink your foot! Not that it matters too much with the free returns anyways.

jo mercer

Appeal: Now there may not be that many styles available online, but in both Jo Mercer stores that I checked, they have a huge variety of shoes at around the $40, much more than the website shows. Some nice neutrals and glitter/metallics there, but they have some weird colours thrown into the mix as well. Their shoes have leather uppers/linings with a padded footbed and synthetic sole. Another bonus that seems to have been recently introduced is a further 25% off already reduced shoes! So all those shoes around the $40 are now $30 and still just as fabulous.

Shipping: Free(!), but considering the pathetic selection of shoes available on the website, it’s only really worth looking in-store.

Returns: If you stuff up on a purchase, or have any hint of buyer’s remorse, they’ll only offer you store credit for your purchase. Choose carefully!!

Sizing: Very accurate sizing.


Appeal: This isn’t a very well-known brand but I had to include them in this list because their shoes are so darn comfortable and well-made! AirFlex is a little sister company of Betts which is a sister company of Zu, so you know the quality is top notch. These guys are specifically geared towards comfort, which I love, with a huge range of mid-height heels for when you want a little lift but without the chronic back problems of the future. I cannot praise that enough! Unlike their sister company Betts, which usually only has leather linings with synthetic uppers (if you’re LUCKY, even!), AirFlex generally has all-leather shoes with lovely, padded, soft suede insoles for extra comfort. Drooling on my keyboard here, sorry guys. The only downside here is that these shoes are as rare as hen’s teeth in Betts (where they’re supposedly sold), so you’ll most likely be ordering online.

Shipping: Free!

Returns: Free! Either in-store (at Betts) or online.

Sizing: Considering that they’re in cahoots with Zu and Betts, they predictably have the same sizing patterns throughout their range. Easy!

Found any shoe-tastic bargains about, frugalistas?? I’d love to know about them! Feel free to post up any links to cute shoes or amazing sales down in the comments below. <3


  1. Nine West have sales all the time, infact there is a sale on right now and they do free shipping online. Plus alot of their shoes are leather. The patents aren’t, but patent leather cracks easily so it makes sense to buy synthetic patents and leather suedes and matte shoes.

    • Demi

      I’d personally never buy from Nine West, they’re so absurdly overpriced, even during their “sales” :( The last few times I went there, the shoes I liked only seemed to have leather lining in their shoes (not upper, wtf??) and they felt pretty uncomfortably narrow on my feet anyways.

      Is patent leather cracking actually a thing?? I’ve been buying patent leather for years (love me some patent) and even my most worn pair has never cracked before. How weird!

  2. Ahhh how I love Wittner! I love that their shoes are all leather, which is so important as you rightly say! Also that they have such great prices in their sales. I’d never pay full price as they discount like no ones business.

    I didnt know Zu had free shipping…this could be dangerous!

    Love your blog, keep it up :) I’m a uni student still and definitely on a budget but I still love fashion!

    • Demi

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! :D

      Leather is definitely the number one thing I look for in shoes. I used to have a bigger budget for synthetic shoes but I have literally limited myself to $15 for synthetic shoes because it’s just not worth it anymore with all the sales going around. I don’t know what it is about all the girls crazy for Nine West shoes–I went instore and they’re not even leather and yet crazy expensive with almost no sales, ever..

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