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Congratulations, Jharna and Miss D!

Main prize pool winner Jharna (Baking Myself Happy) will receive all of the above prizes, and runner up Miss D (Miss Directions) is going to receive her very own framed and autographed (just joking, ha) illustration! Yaaaayy!

What an amazing giveaway! I received over 50 new “likes” to Carbon Chic during that period and gained so much intel about my readers–it was absolutely fabulous and I hope you guys had fun entering. There will definitely be more contests and giveaways in the future, so look out, frugalistas!

I have to admit though, this giveaway wasn’t entirely unselfish on my part.

Some of you will remember the optional entry you could get that involved commenting on the post and answering a question–I was doing a little market research on what you guys like reading about most! (I’m so sneaky) Sometimes I get too ahead of myself and make assumptions that readers don’t want to hear about certain things I’ve got going on, but you guys really proved turned that theory on its head. It was absolutely invaluable hearing back from all of you who commented to tell me what posts you enjoy the most because it just gives me more motivation to keep coming out with those posts. I would have no fun whatsoever with this blog without engagement from all of you, and every single one of my entrants have just given Carbon Chic a great big ego boost. Thank you for reading and commenting and sharing, and here’s the results from my giveaway poll:

Carbon Copies are by far your favorite topic on Carbon Chic! Second to that, lots of you would love to see me get my hands dirty and do some more crafty DIYs, which I have promised myself I would get into more during 2013, so look out! More updates on sales and more outfit posts came in equal third, and I will endeavor to provide you with heaps of material over the next coming months. For those who haven’t already, subscribing to my Instagram and/or Twitter account (click on the relevant social media buttons to the left of this post) will probably be of most use to you when it comes to sales, as unless I find something truly amazing, most of my mini sale purchases or findings will be posted up through my social media connections instead of directly on the blog itself.

With all those ideas aside, a particularly interesting suggestion came to me via Joan from J’adore L’amour who mentioned using my illustrations throughout my blog posts. After seeing bloggers like The Sea of Fertility coupling illustrations with every outfit post, I was almost inspired to do the same many times before, but I wasn’t sure how it would be received or if there was even a point. Of course, my illustration style is also definitely a bit clinical so I was worried about that aspect, as well, in regards to how they’d turn out.

But what do you think about it, frugalistas? Interesting idea or fanciful fad?

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