Hey there frugalistas! I had to give mention to one of my favorite places to shop (when they’re cheap, they’re cheap!) before it was too late to pass on the good news about their sale. Thirty percent off already reduced items is nothing to sneeze at! This includes both sale and outlet items, so feel free to go nuts (you know you want to).

These are my scores today:


1. Off Duty Button Through Dress – $14

2. Bling Collar Top – $14

3. You Stud Belt Pack – $7

4. Floral Box Pleat Dress – $21

I’m pretty proud of my purchases–As some of you know, I’ve been eyeing off that first dress for a little while (it even made an appearance on my March wishlist!), and I just happened to nab the very last one in stock today in my size! (Well, a size 10, which I can make-do with just fine)

To take advantage of the free shipping offer, I also chucked in a couple of other things and when I stopped in today in-store, there were even more things to choose from! I managed to walk out with nothing more than a $3.50 gold skinny waist belt, though (pretty proud of myself). The good thing about buying from Dotti online is that you can load up your cart to take advantage of the “free shipping over $50” promotion and still freely return anything (including sale items) you don’t like (or.. erm.. anything you’ve put in your cart to push it over the $50 amount. Not that you’d do that, right?) to your nearest Dotti store no questions asked.

I love me that sort of shopping–nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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