I actually own three pairs of jeans so the fact that I’m wearing something colloquially referred to as “jeggings” on Jeans for Genes Day is a little weird, I admit.

But I’m running errands today and felt like wearing something in which I can freely lounge and move and, you know, run.

Yes. I run in kitten heels. Albeit, not very fast.

I know there are people out there who harbor this relentless, angry, hatred towards jeggings, the same kind that makes all of us cringe at those poor clueless souls wearing Crocs or Ugg boots in public (If you do that, stop. Stop immediately.), and for me, I agree, to a degree. Also I like rhyming.

Anyways, there’s a big difference between a pair of jeans that contain 3% elastane and the more famously recognized “jeggings” that consist of >70% spandex. These are not those kind of jeggings, and for an extra percentage worth of elastane in comparison to regular jeans, I’ll happily wear these any day and consider them jeans, contrary to what any label says. It would probably make you all equally horrified to know that I bought these from Supre, too.

Did I also mention that the waist fits me perfectly, though? For those with curves at all, these things hug your hips like nothing else will and will prevent all those annoying gapes that you all have on your conventional jeans. (Slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve, my ass, Levi.)

This is another silver-toned outfit if you haven’t noticed, and I’m wearing one of the badges that I bought way back when my friends and I put in a massive collective order together. Still crazy about my little collection of pins and I’ve practically swapped out all my necklaces for cute brooches. I got sick of my acidic skin tarnishing any costume jewelry I dared to wear.

What I wore:

  • Silver Hair CuffeBay, $1 (Available in gold or silver)
  • Giraffe & Gemstone Badges – AliExpress, 80c
  • Boy’s Navy Scarf – Big W, $2
  • Silver and White Striped Top – SES, $2
  • Silver Mesh Band Watch with Sapphire Face – Target, $6
  • Tribal Stitch Belt – Dotti, $6.95
  • “Jeggings” – Supre, $20
  • Corelli Leather Kitten Heels – Mathers, $9

Total: $47.75

I’m pretty happy with that. This Winter has been see-sawing between a tropical temperatures and the sub-arctic, so I’m going outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

As a final note, my birthday coming up in a week’s time–I’m so excited!–so I’ve postphoned my popular AliExpress wishlist post a little bit. So until then, happy Jeans for Genes Day, and don’t forget to give generously!


  1. I don’t understand the hate for jeggings, when a lot of them are just super comfy jeans with a tiny bit of spandex.. I always enjoyed them over regular jeans /shrug/ You look lovely and I adore your heels! Such a nice casual kind of look <3

    • Demi

      They LOOK like jeans too, which is an upside as well.. I like jeggings that actually have a zip and button closure on the front.. the ones with the elastic waist and no zip on them can start to look a little bit suspicious, haha. Thank you so much for your comment, Delores!

  2. Look at you, wearing heels and not rollerskates. If you skated around you would be able to get things done faster.

    PS you are a hot piece of ass

    • Demi

      I don’t know why I didn’t think about that–they’d vaguely match my outfit, too.

      You can’t even SEE my ass in this picture, thank you. Also I thought you loved me for my stunning personality?!

  3. I 100% agree with you that jeggings (the lower % spandex type) are way more flattering than regular jeans. I love my jeggings. The waistband sits flat and snug, no zips and button flys adding extra bulk around the tummy. They’re so much more flattering, it just makes sense. To me they’re GENIUS and do not deserve their maligned status. Long live the jegging! haha

    • Demi

      Oooh you’re back! Gurl you gotta use your name instead of Kiki Chaos, Akismet threw your comment straight into the spam folder because Kiki Chaos is repeated in the name, url and email, haha.

      These jeggings actually have a fly and button but for some reason they fit a lot more streamlined than most jeans. They even have pockets (I love my pockets)!! They’re just super stretchy, I love them.

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