I’ve done it, I’ve finally spent over $150 on a single order at ASOS. Ever since I got the job (or should I say.. CAREER??) I posted about earlier, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to find some nice clothes to wear to work.

Yesterday was my first day at my new work and I was so excited, even though we were doing rather dull things like induction and learning how different avenues of the business works. I just can’t wait to get stuck into web development and graphic design roles. I wore some clothes that Mission Australia kindly gifted to me from Target’s City Dressing line (I’ll take a photo of my outfit later.. maybe.. if I have time.. gulp!). I am also excited to report that I’ve been given my very first cubicle. I. Am. So. Stoked. I always wanted to have a cubicle. I’m already mass ordering matching stationery supplies from eBay to fill it up! Not sure how much I can/should/will talk about my job on here, but I have to warn everyone in advance that I may not have very much time to keep this blog updated, because I’m typing this at 9pm right now very.. aware.. that I should be going to bed. I barely had time to walk Hugo after work and go to dinner with mum and here I am in my pajamas ready for bed! No more idle shopping trips mid-week anymore (maybe late night shopping on Thursdays if I feel up for it)!

Anyways, as far as dressing for work goes, I’ve seen that they have a pretty casual work environment but I’m not sure that my casual Princess-y style will mesh very well with the corporate image I’m trying to uphold. So off to ASOS I go!

ASOS have been terrible with June 2013 discount codes. There’s been absolutely no codes for sale items for weeks now and coupled with the Australian dollar dropping to an abysmal low, I find myself more and more reluctant to buy anything from ASOS. Still, they recently had a promotion where you could save $50 off a $200 and I reasoned to myself that with all the new things I need to buy for work anyways, it’s practically a 25% discount off anything I buy! If I don’t go too high over $200, that is. These are the things I bought last weekend..

These blouses are coincidentally the exact styles I’ve been searching for–for months. I know that the beige one is technically a maternity shirt but it was a lot cheaper than the non-maternity version and I tuck all my blouses into skirts anyways. Should the stomach prove too roomy regardless, there’s always the ol’ sewing machine.

Maternity Blouse With Peter Pan Collar (Cream) – £17.50 -> $29.28 = $22

Vila Blouse with Lace (Black and White) – £18.00 -> $30.00 = $22.50

I am digging jacquard pants this Winter. If it’s textured and floral, I want it! They’re still a bit pricey for my liking, but hey.. they’re for work, I love them, it’s fricking freezing and I need more than 3 pairs of pants in my closet.

ASOS Pants in Floral Jacquard (Mint) – £31.50 -> $52.70 = $39.50 (Now further reduced, ugh)

ASOS Pants in Floral Jacquard (Tapestry) – £27.00 -> $45.17 = $34 (Also further reduced, urrrrrgh!)

Everyone needs a mustard jumper. Especially if it’s 100% cotton and cable-knit.

ASOS Aran Jumper (Mustard) – 19.50 -> 32.62 = $24.46

All in all, I spent about $140, thanks to the currency trick and the SAVE50 discount code! All total bargains–that I’m totally looking forwards to getting my hands on soon.

Please ASOS sizing, for once, just don’t be predictably unpredictable..


  1. Congrats on the new job Demi!!! :) That’s so exciting!! Hope it goes well, let us know!

    And those mint jacquard pants are amazing. I haven’t been on ASOS in a while now and haven’t placed an order in even longer because I don’t seem to be able to find anything I love anymore. Maybe it’s a sign that my style is slowly changing hmm…

    • Demi

      Thanks Joan!! It’s going really well so far, I feel like I need to do a big post on Carbon Chic to update everyone..

      The pants are amazing but they just arrived and I’ve found out that somehow my calves seem too big to fit into them, grrr. I can’t find too much that I like from ASOS anymore but I figured that it was a fashion thing, trends going in and out and my favorite trends are basically over right now over there!

  2. Those are some lovely work clothes! One of my tricks is to always shop the asos sales, and go for the maternity version if it’s there, like you said it’s cheaper! And usually not too unflattering.

    Hope you have an amazing time with your new job! :)

    • Yeah I think I’ll definitely be buying more maternity style clothes now that I’ve realised that they go on sale more often! ASOS have great work staples too!

      I hope I have an amazing time too–it’s looking pretty good indeed! :D

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