Onto Cotton On

My package from Cotton On has arrived! I took this as an opportunity to group the two of my Cotton On-related purchases together, while blotting out the few things that I did buy but that I am terrible ashamed of and gives bargainers a bad name and also I want to return this item because of the shame I am currently feeling.

Right! With that settled, let’s get into the few cool little dealios I picked up from Cotton On over the last week.

Online Purchases

First on the agenda are these cute little sneakers that I bought from the online store:

They’re called “Plimsoles” (I can’t even fathom where that name came from to be honest), and you’ll find a whole range of them from the Cotton On “sister store” Rubi for a sweet $5!

Please don’t make me vouch for their quality—they’re five dollar shoes, guys. I have very high arches on my feet so they’re sensitive to flat soles and I will be getting some orthopedic insoles for these, but if you’re (enviably) like the twenty million other girls in this country who seem to be able to wear ballet flats without a hitch, then I’m sure that measure won’t be necessary for you!

To go with these numbers, I also bought myself some $2 socks that I always seem to want, but can never find for decent price, or at all, really.

Well, they definitely don’t go with the shoes, but I needed them anyways. Little sheer spotted ankle-socks to go with my Audrey—I mean Aldi—kitten heels, and some pretty pointelle socks to go with I’m not exactly sure just yet.

My initial reason for the online order was not to buy these items though, what a girl really really needs and can never get enough of, is pretty lace bras. This style is called the Cinderella Contour Bra, and as soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I must have it. My mother taught me from long ago that a simple, potentially-not-entirely-accurate-but-still-pretty-worthwhile test for a good bra was the thickness (height) of the fabric between the cups. Avoid flimsy little adjoining strip between the cups. I follow this rule and it has never steered me wrong.

Sadly, that is not me. But with that bra, I am now one step closer to being like her.

There’s also a black and nude and hot pink (somewhere) variety on sale at Cotton On Body for $10. For such a beautiful bra, I felt no guilt in splurging.

Offline Purchases

True to my nature, I couldn’t stay away from the weekend sale that Cotton On had.. on. Much to my disappointment, not all their sale items were at 50%, because that should have logically made the socks $1, but there they were, still sitting there with smarmy looks on their faces on sale at $2 a pair. Can’t complain, but if I were a hardcore bargainer, I probably would have.

Something pretty cool that I did pick up was this pair of sunnies for $2.

They’re a nice style, I thought, with light peach stripes running across the frames. There’s no use in buying cheap sunnies that don’t suit you though, so I was there for about 15 minutes, running to and from the dressing room with sunglasses in my hands, and bags in my other hands, and my clutch in my other other hands, and it was a right mess, really, but I’m glad I made the effort. There were sunnies for both $5 and $2, but I was lucky that the ones that perfectly suited me cost the latter.

Just in time for the end of Summer, I’ll be sure to get some use out of them while it’s still absurdly hot, before the cooler months arrive (when the weather encourages slightly less complaining about how absurdly hot it is).

Another double-dollar sale item (well, items) that I snagged were these gorgeous, gorgeous caps.

For another $2 each. This style also comes in the colour black, but it didn’t suit my dark hair very nicely and I plan to wear a lot of neutral, natural colours this Winter, and black is something I’ll be trying to steer away from.

So those are the bargains I found at Cotton On! I know that this store doesn’t always bring the word “chic” to mind, but with just the right sort of purchases, you may just walk out, proud and frugal, and on your way to a glamorous outfit.

Silly In-doo-roo-pilly

What a silly name for a suburb. Who would have thought that it was actually pronounced “Indro-pilly”? Not me, no way!

Regardless of the silly name, the bargains I picked up from this place yesterday were absolutely far from silly. Well, in actual fact, to me they were ridiculous, but nothing to sneer at! I adore this shopping centre for three reasons—1. Target. 2. Kmart. 3. They’re both within walking distance of each other.

Embarking on some good-quality shopping with my favorite bargaining buddy Michael on Sunday proved to be very rewarding indeed. Kmart is having a sale on at the moment (when are they NOT?) and I initially stopped by the store to look at the racks labelled $3 that were sitting outside. I scored some pretty average gray shorts for this price, nothing fancy, but something to lounge around the house in and or go running.. basically something to wear that is never actually intended to be seen by humankind.

But this wasn’t the highlight of my day. The highlight of my day was finding the above dress in the children’s section. It’s the last one of its kind in this particular Kmart, so don’t think you’ll get lucky and find another one, because I have it!

I tried it on because I know my man Sam likes his florals, and the only instance in which I will actually wear them is if they’re gently imprinted onto a pair of denim shorts or contain a navy blue background (my favorite color of clothing—everything navy blue seems to just inherently suit me), and when I saw this dress, I knew I had picked a winner! The ticket said $8, which was a bargain in itself, though the original price of $15 wasn’t all that bad either.

When it scanned at the registers though, I couldn’t have been more surprised if a vat of custard had upended itself over my head when the price came down to $1.50. That’s a 90% discount from the original price.

It was like Christmas had come early. I was ecstatic, bouncing around like I had perfectly represented the demographic of those who would ordinarily be wearing that dress (it being a tiny girls’ size 12, which I was very thankful to fit into).

It is a bit short, but I pulled out a skirt I had bought a couple of years ago on sale at Ally for $10, and it now acts as a neat little petticoat for this dress that matches the lace detail on the front. With a belt that my mother gave me from a dress she had bought herself (quite an ugly thing, a short black dress with long sleeves and giant pink florals strewn across the fabric) for roughly $12 or so to cinch around my waist, I ran into a winner outfit.

I just threw this together from the top of my head so it’s not the best it could be; I’ll be experimenting with different belts and accessories, but it’s an idea of how to put it together and it’s not half bad.

Another thing that I spotted on my trip to Indooroopilly were the multitude of bags on sale at Target. Really, really, painfully good sales. There were wicker bags from $6, briefcase bags from $15, small clutches from $8, and a nice gem I stumbled upon was on sale down from $39.

A mini doctor’s bag! With this trend pouring in from the states right about now, just in time for Winter, I was surprised that it was on sale so quickly. From $39, it dropped down to a measly $12.82. So with three-quarters chopped off the price and Winter just around the corner, I would be silly not to invest in it. There were a few other doctor’s bags for the same price with an entirely different style, but I completely forgot to snap photos of them!

For anyone who will be within walking distance of Target within the next week, it is definitely worth popping in and checking out their selection of sale bags (and shoes!—But that also goes for Kmart, which has some very nice selections on sale at the moment in the shoe department).

If you don’t find any winners, it pays to shop around; Target Carindale had these bags for sale as well for the first “sale” price of $20 when I went on Saturday, while the Target in Queen Street Mall and Indooroopilly had the next price down.

My tip for the week is for-the-love-of-baby-Jesus go to Kmart as soon as you can and spend an hour in there in total and no less than 15 minutes of solid browsing in the girls’ section. Even plus-sized girls can benefit from shopping here, if just for the accessories alone!

Prim and Polished

I have a bugbear about expensive nailpolish.

I don’t understand why it’s necessary to buy nailpolish that costs more than a couple of dollars, I have never understood it. They go on your nails for a couple of days, less if they don’t go with your outfit, and nobody scrutinizes them to a degree that makes distinguishing between a cheap nailpolish and an expensive nailpolish an easy task.

If you want sexy nailpolish, in all this season’s latest flavours, pop down to your local Terry White pharmacy and for a stunning $2.25, you can have your choice of potentially a hundred or so colours.

Below you will find my personal collection that I have collected over the years! I built up quite a stockpile.

Cotton On Weekend Sale

My friends on Facebook are well aware of my spending habits. They’re well aware that I just spent $51 (exaaactly) on the online Cotton On website on.. (if I remember correctly) two pairs of white Cinderella bras, a pair of spotted red shoes, a laptop satchel, and several pairs of socks. I figured to myself, “Hey, Demi. I think you’ve done enough damage to your bank account. No, really!”

But then when I heard news of this sale, I couldn’t very well stay at home this weekend without venturing into a Cotton On store. There were the usual average-quality garments that you find on the sales racks in Cotton On under the pretense of “50% off” (yeah, right), but among the riff-raff were a few diamond discounts just waiting to be snapped up.

Knitted hats, just in time for the cooler weather, sunnies, just in time for a few last trips to the beach before uni starts, and bags, so you can carry around these two items after you figured you’ve been fashionable enough today and it’s time for a break. There were plenty of other items on sale too, like ties (who knew that Cotton On sold ties! Not me!) and sandals, but it probably varies from store-to-store, so pop down to your local Cotton On this weekend and take a look, you might do as well as I did today and save a bundle!

Specifics on my purchases within the next few posts of Carbon Chic!

Or, pretty much, as soon as my Cotton On shipment arrives.

Oh, those Jerks

Well! Launching my scavenger hunt inside my mother’s makeup drawer (like, it’s actually a whole drawer, she was a beauty therapist so there’s a lot of stuff in there just rotting away without a care in the world), I found myself a 6-year-old bottle of mascara to use for the Clinique free-mascara-promotion before stocks ran out. I couldn’t actually open the bottle because of the dried mascara which had turned the edge of the bottle a sickly shade of rust, goop caked around the edges, but.. Good enough! (Ladies, we put this stuff on our eyelashes.. I am concerned for all y’all’s health..)

Imagine my surprise when the Clinique lady at Brisbane’s David Jones in the Myer Centre tells me that the shipments of mascara (did you hear that? “Shipments”. Must be a lot of stock coming “in the mail”, then) had been delayed and they were changing the date from February to… April. April! The outrage; I wanted goop on my eyelashes nnnnnnnow!

At the very least, I’m happy that this will give me more time to find some old bottles of mascara.