Well! Launching my scavenger hunt inside my mother’s makeup drawer (like, it’s actually a whole drawer, she was a beauty therapist so there’s a lot of stuff in there just rotting away without a care in the world), I found myself a 6-year-old bottle of mascara to use for the Clinique free-mascara-promotion before stocks ran out. I couldn’t actually open the bottle because of the dried mascara which had turned the edge of the bottle a sickly shade of rust, goop caked around the edges, but.. Good enough! (Ladies, we put this stuff on our eyelashes.. I am concerned for all y’all’s health..)

Imagine my surprise when the Clinique lady at Brisbane’s David Jones in the Myer Centre tells me that the shipments of mascara (did you hear that? “Shipments”. Must be a lot of stock coming “in the mail”, then) had been delayed and they were changing the date from February to… April. April! The outrage; I wanted goop on my eyelashes nnnnnnnow!

At the very least, I’m happy that this will give me more time to find some old bottles of mascara.

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