Mighty Bright

Isn’t this outfit just insanely bright?? With a mixture of this seasons hottest colours, magenta pink and cobalt blue, I kind of feel like I’m being presented in technicolour amongst a sea of black and white when I step out in this outfit. I’m looking forwards to Winter–pastels are really fun and I’ll never stop wearing them, but I also like bold, striking colours and patterns as well–and who can forget my intimate love of hosiery?


Here’s a quick rundown of my outfit today:

Pink Diamonte Zebra NecklaceAliExpress, $5.20

Girls’ Ponti Magenta Dress – Target, $11.16 (down from $25)

Cobalt Blue Cardigan (w/ gold buttons) – Target, $13 (bought a long long time ago but just never worn.. can you imagine??)

Five Crosses Belt – Colette, $6 (in a 50% off sale, woo!)

Gold Skulls BraceleteBay, $1 (Alexander McQueen ripoff, I think?)

Sheer Black Pantyhose – Target, 25c

ASOS ‘MIGHTY’ Studded Leather ShoesASOS, $30 (I had a 20% off coupon to my account that worked on sale items, WOO! Also accounting for the ASOS currency trick I talked about earlier.)

Total:  $66.61!

Technically this necklace doesn’t really go with this outfit (I often wear my Equip gold choker/collar with this combination because it looks more natural) but I have to admit.. I haven’t been able to stop wearing this zebra necklace. It’s gorgeous, amazing, and so detailed–I literally get a compliment about it every time I wear it in public. People LOVE it and so do I!

The shoes are also a little bit of an awesome buy; I was not expecting to be able to wear ASOS shoes at all but they arrived and they fit perfectly. I sized down to a UK6 as advised (I’m an 8.5/39 regularly) and I’m very glad I did! My mother thinks the shoes are a bit masculine because of the studs but I find them pretty cute. It’s also nice to be able to find a mid-heeled shoe of any description that isn’t from the pharmacy, it seems like the only kind of heels available in Australia is dead flat or dead-from-falling-from-such-heights.

By the way, I know where the skull bracelet design originates from, but does anyone know about the origin of the 5-crosses belt?? I’ve noticed it worn by a few other bloggers and seen it available in shops like Dotti and Dissh, but it’s such an unusual design to just be available everywhere for no reason. There must be a designer creator out there somewhere!

ClickFrenzy at Target

For those of you who are currently unaware, the website ClickFrenzy is holding their 24-hour Mother’s Day event right now! There are too many retailers to list, but there are a lot of stores participating in this event, and you can save anywhere between 20% to 50% on clothing, shoes, kitchen appliances, bedding, and, well, lots of other stuff too. Still too much to list. You’ll just have to look for yourself!

But even though there are too many retailers to list, as you’ll all know by now, I am super-stingy and even when there’s lots of sales floating around and I was predictably only drawn to the massive Target sale on right now.

I have a confession to make. I’ve been buying a lot of lingerie. From Target. My eyes just about fell out of my head when I saw that there was 50% off the Dita Von Teese “Von Follies” line for Target’s ClickFrenzy, and here are a few of the pieces I snagged..

The last two were for my mother for Mother’s Day, by the way. There’s no way I could fit into any of those sizes! D:

I am really happy with my picks–Wearing lingerie makes me feel so pretty and feminine and I was absolutely lusting over the Dita Von Teese collection when it first came out, but the prices were totally cringeworthy! These prices are much better, don’t you think? Especially happy to be able to buy a navy blue set of lingerie because the style she’s wearing looks really vintage-y and almost Mermaid-ish with those pleats–total swoon. I could have bought more but I’m still waiting for some prices to drop. They will, eventually.

While Target is putting emphasis on the lingerie collections for sale this round of ClickFrenzy, you should also check out their homewares section–I’ve snagged a few nice things for my bedroom, including another owl tealight holder (my God, and when’s the last time I’ve even lit a candle in my room??) and some blue owl-shaped over-the-door hooks. I feel so unoriginal for liking owls as much as I do. Really, no, I’m crazy about them.

Anyways, enough about my purchases! What have you bought in the sale?

Don’t forget, frugalistas, that the ClickFrenzy sales will end at 7pm tonight so make sure you get in quickly and scoop up what you need before time (and stock!) runs out.


This is the second installment (I didn’t actually know that I’d have this many tips for ASOS, but here we are again!) of ASOS tips from me to you, the first of which explored a commonly-used method of saving a couple of bucks on your order through exchanging currencies.

The tip I’m bringing you today won’t necessarily help you save money (unless you count clothes-altering fees for buying wrong sizes when your size is sold out!), but it is very, very useful if you’re as stingy as I am and just waiting for that most current coupon/discount code to apply to your order before buying anything. The following tip may be obvious to some users, but to those who don’t know about it, it can be super helpful in a crunch!

Even when it means suffering through various stress-attacks while you watch the stock of your wishlist item fall to that dangerous beige “Low in stock” label that I’m sure we’re all familiar with..

Alright, so, this tip will apply to two sorts of ASOS users right now:

  1. You’re watching an item and it suddenly goes out of stock, oh no!
  2. You’ve found an item that you absolutely love but it’s sold out in your size, oh no!

In the first situation, don’t resign yourself to giving up and removing the item from your wishlist straight away. Give it a bit. People are constantly returning items to ASOS and chances are, someone will return that item in your size and you’ll then be able to snap it up when that happens.

For the second situation, ASOS makes this a little hard on us because they traditionally disable the option to select a size that’s been sold out. In both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, you won’t be able to make this work. But being a web developer/designer, I have a few other browsers available to myself and this is where Firefox becomes very, very handy. You’re going to have to download it if you want to give this a try.

Step 1:

Oh no, your size has gone out of stock! Whatever shall you do??

Step 2:

Fire up Firefox and go to that link, open the dropdown menu, and select the size you want.

Step 3:

A dialogue box will come up, but we’re not afraid of dialogue boxes! Simply continue trying to select your size until you see a checkbox appear that says “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs”. Tick the box and click “OK”. (<–Note that this tip also works well on those websites that will try and prevent you from right-clicking on things in the name of trying to prevent the site’s pictures from being stolen. Pffllbbt, like that stops anything. Since you’re not there to steal images–right, riiiight?–this will give you back use of your right clicker.)

Step 4:
The option will be successfully selected and won’t default back to “Select Size” anymore! From here, you will be able to click “Save for Later” and the sold-out item will appear in your wishlist.

Much easier to stalk it from there, don’t you think?


If the item is completely sold out in all sizes or that available colour, you’ll be completely out of luck because the link will be grayed out permanently until another size comes back into stock. When another size, any size, comes back into stock, you can repeat the above trick, but until then, you won’t be able to do anything, sorry! Also I shouldn’t even need to say this, but you will only be able to select the size and put it into your wishlist. This trick will not automatically make the size available to buy–I’m not a magician!

Anyways, I do hope that this trick helps out my fellow ASOS-addicted frugalistas with their wishlist! I figure there’s no harm in sharing my little trick so long as nobody else in sizes 8/10 is doing this to sold-out items on my wishlist–those babies are MINE, dammit!

And besides–you wouldn’t do that to little old me, would you? D:

Bohemian Like You

I don’t dip into this end of the fashion spectrum much, but I’ve been told that army green is about the only green colour that looks okay on me, and you’ve gotta try something new every once in a while at least. My bangs are growing out due to laziness with making the trip back to the Brisbane School of Hairdressing, so it seemed appropriate, anyways.

This post serves a dual purpose in that it shows off one of my new bargain buys–The green parka coat from Kmart that I snagged for $19! Of course, it came straight from the children’s section, where to my dismay, I found that they had stopped stocking size 16 on their shelves. The horror. THE HORROR. Luckily, size 14 didn’t fit too badly, but due to my longer arms and curvy hips, I would have definitely felt more comfortable in a size up.


Here’s the rundown for the interested:

Green Trench/Parka Jacket – Kmart Kids, $19

Bunny Bow Locket Necklace – eBay, $1.50

Digital Floral Print Dress – Dotti, $15 (I think it’s technically a tapestry print, but nerdy Mr Michael is adamant that they’re pixel flowers)

Bronze Watch – Mum’s, vintage

Raccoon/”Fox” Photo RingeBay, $3.50 (There are so many cute animals to choose from that I had a hard time settling for just the raccoon!)

Belt – Dotti, $6.95

Mini Suedette Satchel Bag – Cosmetics Plus, $5 (Bought this years ago when they were relocating in Carindale and it’s served me faithfully for such a cheapie–I think they had 75% off all stock during the final days of the sale or something?)

Boots – Target, $25 (I bought these babies over a year ago and they have held up really, really well for pleather shoes–so glad I also bought them in black)

Total: $75.95

Super cool for a super warm outfit! I’ve been truthfully looking for a long-length hooded parka for a while, but all the adult stores seem to absolutely insist on stocking parkas that are single-layer canvas sort of deals–they don’t feel warm at all to me–and I’m not about to drop $50 or more on a jacket that will offer no insulation during Winter. It’s only Autumn and I feel the toes on my feet shriveling up half a size already! Luckily, all the children’s parkas I seem to come across are heavily padded, and I’m even moreso lucky that I can actually fit in some of them. Target has a similar kid’s parka for $39 at the moment, but laying it side-by-side with my Kmart parka, the sleeves seem to be slightly shorter on that one, so for this gangly-armed frugalista, it’s a bit of a dealbreaker. Still, would probably be very good for the petite girls out there who need a warm coat for Winter!

Has anyone gone to Target after my last Target-based post? Every time I go there now, I pick up some more stockings for myself (I’m sorry!) so I’m hoping that other frugalistas are having just as much luck as I am!


Groupon Giveaway!

When Groupon recently contacted me with the chance to host a Groupon giveaway on the blog, I jumped at the chance! I’ve purchased a few deals from Groupon before (including a cake-pop pan and a car washing voucher for mum) and found their service quick and reliable, so I wanted to give away not just one, but two $30 vouchers to lucky readers of Carbon Chic so they can experience the awesome too!

Groupon has all sorts of goodies on their site, from pamper packages to travel deals to dining steals to shopping bargains. There’s something there no matter where you live in Australia–you can go local or nation-wide for deals.

As usual, to enter this competition, you must be a follower of Carbon Chic (via Facebook since we’re using WordPress here and not Blogger!) and you can earn more points towards your entry by jumping through a few more optional hoops if you’re really keen to win! This contest is open to Australian residents only, please and thank you :).

Enter below, and good luck, everyone!!

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