Isn’t this outfit just insanely bright?? With a mixture of this seasons hottest colours, magenta pink and cobalt blue, I kind of feel like I’m being presented in technicolour amongst a sea of black and white when I step out in this outfit. I’m looking forwards to Winter–pastels are really fun and I’ll never stop wearing them, but I also like bold, striking colours and patterns as well–and who can forget my intimate love of hosiery?


Here’s a quick rundown of my outfit today:

Pink Diamonte Zebra NecklaceAliExpress, $5.20

Girls’ Ponti Magenta Dress – Target, $11.16 (down from $25)

Cobalt Blue Cardigan (w/ gold buttons) – Target, $13 (bought a long long time ago but just never worn.. can you imagine??)

Five Crosses Belt – Colette, $6 (in a 50% off sale, woo!)

Gold Skulls BraceleteBay, $1 (Alexander McQueen ripoff, I think?)

Sheer Black Pantyhose – Target, 25c

ASOS ‘MIGHTY’ Studded Leather ShoesASOS, $30 (I had a 20% off coupon to my account that worked on sale items, WOO! Also accounting for the ASOS currency trick I talked about earlier.)

Total:  $66.61!

Technically this necklace doesn’t really go with this outfit (I often wear my Equip gold choker/collar with this combination because it looks more natural) but I have to admit.. I haven’t been able to stop wearing this zebra necklace. It’s gorgeous, amazing, and so detailed–I literally get a compliment about it every time I wear it in public. People LOVE it and so do I!

The shoes are also a little bit of an awesome buy; I was not expecting to be able to wear ASOS shoes at all but they arrived and they fit perfectly. I sized down to a UK6 as advised (I’m an 8.5/39 regularly) and I’m very glad I did! My mother thinks the shoes are a bit masculine because of the studs but I find them pretty cute. It’s also nice to be able to find a mid-heeled shoe of any description that isn’t from the pharmacy, it seems like the only kind of heels available in Australia is dead flat or dead-from-falling-from-such-heights.

By the way, I know where the skull bracelet design originates from, but does anyone know about the origin of the 5-crosses belt?? I’ve noticed it worn by a few other bloggers and seen it available in shops like Dotti and Dissh, but it’s such an unusual design to just be available everywhere for no reason. There must be a designer creator out there somewhere!


    • Demi

      It’s a nice dress for something out of the children’s section, isn’t it?? I also have the same dress in mint!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Jennifer! It’s an awesome combination–I’ve been wearing this outfit more often than I’d like to admit!

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