I’m gonna pop some tags

Only got $20 in my pocket

Except mostly everything I bought came without their tags and I only had $10 on me at the time. It actually turns out that you don’t really need any more than that for a bargain hunter’s spree at Target.

I initially popped into Target that day to collect my online purchase (Tip: Don’t get Target stuff delivered to your door–get it delivered to your local Target! It’s free and you can just pick up your stash when you happen to be in the area next) and while I was waiting at the lay-by counter, my skinflint senses were tingling. Turns out, tucked into a neat little corner near the DVDs, there was a small rack of random items that really didn’t seem to fit in. But from such modest surroundings I felt like I had uncovered an absolute treasure trove of bargains!

As Winter approaches, I’ve been wearing tights more often with my outfits, and I was quite annoyed to find that I only had a few good pairs of pantyhose left. The rest of them have pilled up a bit from washing or developed small nicks in them that come with the territory as an owner of a psychopathic Swedish Vallhund who jumps all over you without any regard to your delicate fashion choices of the day. So I swore to myself that the next bargain I saw in Woolworths or Coles (usually my go-to place for cheap pantyhose/stockings/tights), I would be all over those babies like the Ice Age was upon us.

Turns out I didn’t need to wait very long! My latest pantyhose haul at Target consists of:


Two 4 packs of nude tights @ $1 a pack – 25c each

Two 4 packs of black tights @ $1 a pack – 25c each

One pair of navy tights @ $1 each

One pair of black tights @ $1 each

Tights weren’t the only things I walked away with though! These were the other things I picked up:


One pair of black lace-topped thigh-highs for $1

One pair of nude sockettes with padded heels and soles for $1 (these are great for wearing with heels!)

Maybelline FitMe Blush in Medium Pink for $1

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Blast for 50c!

So if my math is correct, that’s a total of only $9.50 spent! And the real kicker is that these aren’t rubbish products. Literally the only thing wrong with any of the stockings and socks is that they were missing their retail packaging. That is all. Inspecting them when I came home, I didn’t find a single hole or tear in any one of them. They were totally brand new!

As for the makeup–The blush was slightly damaged in the upper right corner (not sure if you can see from the pictures but it’s very minimal and doesn’t affect the overall use of the product). The photo is after I cleaned out the loose powder but when I found it, the appearance was as though the blush had exploded inside, it was everywhere and looked very messy so I was surprised that after I cleaned it up, the damage ended up looking so insignificant. The Baby Lips lip balm is something I’ve always been pretty excited to try–The package was half opened when I found it and because the plastic on the front was so firm and impossible to “pop” the tube out from, I had to sneakily rip open the rest of it to check that nobody had used the balm. It was completely intact, nobody had touched the balm! It smelled absolutely gorgeous, too.

An hour after I bought all these goodies, I met Ellen and told her about them so we immediately rounded back to Target to see if there were any more pantyhose left for her and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had actually refilled the clearance/damaged goods rack! So since I grabbed all the pantyhose I could find the first time around, she was able to pinch a few for herself the second time we came, as well as a bunch of socks and another half-opened Baby Lips lip balm (but in cherry flavor) for the same prices that I paid. Helping her carry an armful worth of stuff to the counter, she was really surprised that they only added up to around $6! What a score!

So I implore you–the next time you’re in Target, check out their damaged goods rack (if you can’t find it, ask where it is–definitely worth asking for directions on this one). I only had a relatively small haul today, but there weren’t just stockings and socks. There was slightly damaged makeup, kids toys that either had damaged packaging or one of the components missing, MOBILE PHONES (!), homewares, iPhone docks–just the most random mish-mash of perfectly fine goodies to select from, with some stuff selling for 90% off just because of missing packaging.

Now if that’s not a bargain and a half, I don’t know what is!


  1. Ooh great tip about getting the online purchases delivered to your local target! why didn’t i think of that?! i always avoid buying online at target cos im like umm i dont wanna pay $9 for shipping (i think thats how much it is?) when i can just buy it at the actual store…but sometimes ya just cant be bothered traipsing around the whole store! lol

    you are a true frugalista with those purchases… love it!

    • Demi

      Yeah I love that they do store deliveries, it’s soooo convenient! It does take ages to go through and I’ve waited up to 10 working days for a delivery once but it’s totally worth it.

      Thanks for the comment, Krissy!

  2. Wow, some great deals you have there! I poke so many holes in my stockings during winter, the boy calls them disposable. I go to K-mart for the bulk lot of six stockings for six bucks or something.

    I’ve always been surprised with Target!

    • Demi

      Thanks, Carol! :D I reckon stockings are essentially disposable items for how cheap they are and how easy they are to damage.. I’m always getting caught on things that no stockings in the world ($100 or $1 varieties alike!) could survive. My most popular method of destroying stockings is running out the gate and hooking them on a loose wire and then tearing a giant hole in them because I’m in such a damn hurry, ha!

      I tried the Kmart stockings and I didn’t like them, they seemed uber high-waisted to me which felt kinda weird. Maybe I just bought a weird pack??

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