Another day, another outfit post! I feel like I’m always talking about the weather on here but HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS? Apparently it’s been the hottest weather for this time of year for about a decade or something. So basically for me this means my face melting off onto my dress as I walk to the bus, followed by getting snap-frozen inside the bus, then melted as I wait for my second bus, and resume freezing on the next round of public transport. Between the continual freezing and thawing between locations, it means that by the time I’ve actually arrived in the office, I have a neat collection of sweat icicles growing from the tip of my nose and earlobes.

So yes, in case you were wondering, that’s why I don’t look so impressed in the above photo. It’s hot, it’s stinky, and I can’t wait to get out of my clothes at the end of the day.

I do love this dress. It’s not the first time I’ve worn it, and I’m definitely considered a–gasp!–serial outfit offender, but this is a different twist on it considering it’s way too hot to wear it with anything layered underneath. The sorbet colours are perfect for Summer though, and my Alyssa Milano glasses match perfectly with this outfit! (Not that I seem to care about matching that much anymore–these have basically become my standard pair for everyday use.)

What I wore:

  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30
  • Five Crosses Belt – Colette, $6
  • City Dressing Ponte Dress – Target, $49
  • Gold Mesh Lorus Watch – Graduation gift
  • Basque Heels – Myer, $37.50

Total: $95.80

On another note, since I’ve started sewing clothing for myself, I’ve noticed how weird this dress is. The darts are inside out. Why are they inside out, dress designer, why?? The concept of darts on the outside confuses me so much that I’ve considered unpicking them and popping them back in. And then I remember how lazy I am and that plan goes right through the window.


    • Demi

      That’s so kind of you, thank you! I’m honoured :)

  1. Your description of the alternating sweating your face off and freezing to death from air conditioning is exactly how it feels where I live from approximately April – November. I hate it! You don’t look overly sweaty here though! This dress is super cute on you and even the inside out darts look good to me.

    • Demi

      Is the humidity very bad where you live? It’s AWFUL here. I feel like I wouldn’t mind the heat so much if it also didn’t feel like I lived in a swamp. I’m glad it didn’t show on the photos but my glasses were starting to slide down my face, haha. Thank you!

  2. Your dress is way lovely! The colors are so fun and summery, and that pin you have is just way too stinkin’ cute!

    • Demi

      Thanks Becca Lynn! Bright colours are so much fun to wear in Summer :)

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