Five Lovely Bloggers

This post will be a bit different from the ones you usually see about “favorite” bloggers–I follow a lot of bloggers purely because I admire their style or their DIYs, but these particular bloggers I admire for their “souls”.

Keep in mind that if (by some random chance you happen to read my blog) you’re on my Links list but not here, it doesn’t mean I think you’re a shitty person, it means I don’t know you that well and I also had to narrow it down to five. Also I have taken photos from their Instagrams to better show you the girls behind the blogs. :D That aside, let’s begin!


The Pineneedle Collective

Annika was probably one of the first bloggers to inspire me to start blogging. Back then, to me, she was this crazy amazing lady with blue hair and DIY stockings. (I wanted to post the picture of her spraying whipped cream into her mouth because of how absurdly cute I found it but I didn’t know if that would embarrass her or not so I settled for this other equally adorable picture.)

Her attitude in general is downright infectious, and her science posts always make me smile. I’ll admit she inspired my foray into shopping on Chinese websites (except I would go to AliExpress, while she would get stuff from Romwe or Sheinside), but now since she’s changed her agenda towards supporting ethical fashion, she inspires me through her amazing DIYs instead.

As a testament to how lovely she is, I posted a comment on her blog once upon a time to give her a suggestion about her sewing project and she posted a gorgeous Hungry Caterpillar hair bow. I mostly wear it in secret so people don’t mistake me as a fan of the Hungry Caterpillar. Please don’t tell anyone.


Kirsten Learns

I found Kirsten through Annika’s blog during the start of this year.

I do this stalky thingy where I try to explore other bloggers through my favorite blogger’s comments sections, looking for new folks to follow, and I’m so happy I found Kirsten. We are now married with four children and a catdog. (I felt like this story was somehow leading into that, so I decided to throw you guys a bone.) I taught her to rollerskate and she taught me the value of never letting someone film me trying to be a comedian ever again.

But seriously, Kirsten is one of the craziest, funniest people you’ll ever meet (if you ever get the privilege of meeting her, LIKE I DID, because I’m special). I knew I wanted to be her friend as soon as I saw that she lived in the same city as me, except in a substantially less-cool area, duh. This video sums up everything that is kool about Kirsten:


Wandering Past

Delores is basically the real-world personification of some form of ethereal wood nymph. She’s just got this lovely, kind demeanor about her, and you can’t help but empathize with her when she talks about her shyness (who doesn’t get stage fright every now and again??) and cheer her on when she shows off her rocking cosplays.

I also found her when blog-hopping and her love of pastels, collar clips, and modern-day feminism absolutely won me over. The picture I took from her Instagram is one of her rare selfies in cosplay as one of my favorite characters ever! Do you recognize where she’s from?


Cupcakes Clothes

Georgina is the sister I wish I had. Beautiful, creative, confident, and loves dogs. I’ve been admiring her from afar for a couple of years now, and her success is inspiring. I wish I could say something punny like “she puts the lol in lolita”, but no–Basically, she dresses the exact way that I wish I was brave enough to dress. For now, I’m safe with hints of pastels and pleated skirts, but she goes all out, and I admire her a lot for that!

Every now and again, I fantasize about buying something like a pink deer headband from her Dolly Darling shop so I can at least add a smidgen of Georgina-inspired greatness into my outfits, but I am still not quite brave enough for it. One day! If you’re in the market for absurdly cute accessories, she’s pretty much your one-stop-shop. All her handmade crafts are amazingly inspiring, and she’s reportedly thinking about creating a line of clothing, too…


Paige Joanna

Paige Joanna is the most recent of the bloggers that I follow, also found during a little stalker lookie-loo in some of her friends’ blog comments. Her energy is amazing and it’s great to see her throwing herself into photo shoots and having fun with life. Her undoctored photos are refreshing (said by someone who obsessively puts filters over EVERYTHING–bad blogger, BAD!) and her recent post The Lost Girl really resonated with me. I am so afraid to open myself up like that to a very public audience (and let’s face it, she’s got a way bigger audience than I do, and way bigger ladyballs as well) and it takes massive guts to post about something so personal. We’re all behind you, Paige!

She’s also got an effortlessly cool style with a pop of retro, and is the third redheaded blogger I have featured here, I just realised. They’re everywhere, and they’re invading the world with their awesome.


Anyways, this is by no means a comprehensive list, and outdated at best, but I may write another one in the future to compensate for some of the newer, lovely bloggers I see popping out of the woodwork to brighten the world.

Now I put forth this question to my readers and perhaps even the ones mentioned here (should they ever grace my blog with their presence!): Do you have any bloggers that you really admire for their personality (and not just their style?).

White Choc Macadamia Cookies

On the last episode of Frugal Feeds, I left you guys with my family recipe for The Best Apple Pie in the World and nobody really indicated that they found the recipe useful or anything (you’re missing out, guys, seriously) so I dropped the recipes pretty much altogether, thinking maybe I have the wrong demographic for them here. But now I’m kind of trying this new thing where I don’t care what people find cool or not-if it piques my personal interest-and I need somewhere to keep my favorite recipes, so too bad, here’s another one!

Let me preface this by saying that I love Subway cookies. Not that shallow kind of superficial love where you think a particular nail polish colour looks really good on you, but that deep kind of meaningful love that gives you the cajones to shamelessly ask a Subway employee on the late night bus carrying several bags worth of end-of-day cookies whether he’d be willing to part with one of them. I’m not kidding, this actually happened.

Unfortunately, I don’t go to Subway every day, so my access to these cookies are limited. That’s why I did a bit of snooping around the Internet, tweaked recipes here and there, added stuff and removed stuff, and finally came up with the best recipe for my knockoff version of Subway’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Ingredients (Makes 24 big cookies):

  • 250g of butter
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • ½ cup of white sugar
  • 2½ cups of flour
  • 2 teaspoons imitation vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 200g white chocolate (tastes better with proper chocolate rather than cooking choc chips)
  • 200g macadamia nuts (look around between Woolworths and Aldi, these things are expensive!)

Preheat your oven to 160°C.

1. Grab a big bowl and use an electric mixer to beat together the butter, vanilla, sugars, and eggs until creamy. Sift in the flour and baking powder combination and mix that in well too (I usually do this with a spoon because one false move and your whole kitchen will be dusted with flour and you’re having to explain to your housemates why you have white eyebrows and the dog has a white toupee).

2. Roughly chop up your chocolate and macadamias. This CAN be done with a food processor but I like it done by hand because you have less choc nut powder and more chunks, which is what you want. You want your pieces to be about the size of peanuts and half-peanuts.

3. Mix your chocolate/nuts into your cookie dough, folding it in until it’s well-combined.

4. Line some baking trays with grease-proof paper and set out your cookies by hand in a vaguely circular shape, leaving a couple of centimetres between each cookie to adjust for the melting. I did these ones by hand but my mother (who is a genius), showed me an easier way involving making a thick log of cookie dough, wrapping it up in cling wrap like a sausage, popping it in the freezer for about an hour, and then cutting slices to put on the pan. Genius.

5. Bake each set for approximately 15 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes depending on your oven. You’re going to want your cookies to still be blonde, in other words, because as soon as they get that golden colouring, they’ll lose their “gooey” factor. Pull the paper off with the cookies on top, rest them on a wire cooling tray somewhere, reapply paper, and repeat the process until you’re out of cookie dough.

6. Eat. But not too much, because you’ll feel violently sick after the 8th cookie.. trust me on this one..

A Perfect Day

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

When it rains, it pours. Just as I was enjoying braving the open world in my short pastel skirts and sleeveless blouses, along comes another reminder from Mother Nature that it’s still Winter in Brisbane. As I’m incredibly susceptible to the cold, I’ve taken to mostly hibernating inside, basking against Hugo’s eternal internal furnace (does that count as alliteration, do you think?). But when I do leave the house, I still like to dress up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

I am pretty much smitten with every element in this outfit. It’s something I’ve worn a lot in a few different combinations but never really bothered to document. This coat is pure magic, a lovely deep magenta with a double-breasted feature that hits just the right length. I documented it last year among some of my better purchases in June as a testament to the power of patience when bargain hunting. (I am pretty sure I called up the city ValleyGirl store every couple of days after spotting it to inquire if they were having a coat sale yet, sometimes realising how obsessive that made me look and giving them nothing other than a few panicked gasps of air before hanging up and resolving not to call them again. Sorry, ValleyGirl employees..)

Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

As for the dress, it’s also another steal from ValleyGirl–last one of its kind on the rack, I bought this several years ago and still wear it as a work dress, always with various different collared blouses paired underneath it. The perfect style for layering!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, eBay Stud Collar Pins, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress. Lovisa Bee Brooch
Vintage Second-Hand Russian Elche Collection Black Patent Leather D'Orsay HeelsMickey Brand Watch with Rainbow Diamantes & Gold Mesh Band

The close-ups I wanted to share mainly revolve around the watch and the heels. They’re both eBay bargains! The watch is simply amazing; I wanted a gold mesh watch with a white face that I wouldn’t be so scared to wear with casual outfits, and I found the perfect one on eBay so decided to splash out (my definition of that phrase, anyways). As for the shoes, I’ve started my foray into second-hand eBay auctions and these shoes are the product of one of my first wins. Classic d’orsay style, stable heel, black patent leather, scalloped design and little gold buckles–these were too cute to pass up.

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

What I Wore:

  • Cream Angora Beret with Black Sequin Bow – Temt, $10
  • Stud Collar Clips – eBay, $1
  • Black and Gold Bee Brooch – Lovisa, $3.30 (3 for $10)
  • Colourful Crystals Mickey Mesh Watch – eBay, $18 (Also available in silver with differently-coloured faces)
  • Double-Breasted Magenta Coat – ValleyGirl, $25
  • Gold Bow Patent Belt – Forever New, $10
  • Heart Print Blouse – eBay, $8
  • Sleeveless Grey Shift Dress – ValleyGirl, $10
  • Black Opaque TightsTarget, $1
  • Elche Collection Black Patent Scalloped D’Orsay Pumps – eBay, $20

Total: $106.30

That’s the first time in a long while I’ve went over my self-imposed limit! Generally I don’t include watches in the outfit total, though. I don’t know why, I guess I see them like I see bags, as superfluous pieces that don’t really impact the look of the outfit that much.

Speaking of bags, among much of the things you haven’t seen that I wear constantly, is this Marc Jacobs-inspired French Bulldog design that you see on his loafers–but in bag form. I don’t know what crafty person thought to themselves, “Hey, the dog flats are a big seller, let’s make a bag version!”, but I am glad that kind of ingenuity exists. They’re cute, roomy as heck, attract compliments like poop attracts flies, and CHEAP!

ValleyGirl Magenta Coat, Temt Angora Beret, Specsavers Alex Perry Glasses, eBay ASOS replica Heart Print Blouse, ValleyGirl Grey Shift Dress, AliExpress Marc Jacobs Replica Dog Bag, Forever New Gold Bow Belt, Target Tights, Vintage Russian eBay D'Orsay Heels

Anyways, that’s all from me today–I’ll leave you guys with a photo of Hugo basking on our wet grass (thanks, dog) and a clip that inspired the title of today’s post. Does anyone recognize which famous children’s cartoon it belongs to? All you 90’s Australian kids will be hit with a wave of nostalgia, I promise you that!

Swedish Vallhund, Hugo

August Adorations

Plus 6% off the pie-print dress for Carbon Chic readers!

AliExpress wishlist

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..! Here are a few of my biggest birthday wishes for August, a couple of which I’ve already bought for myself and I’m so glad I did.

  1. Pie Printed DressAliexpress, $49.90 (Plus bonus discount for readers of CC)
  2. Tan Waist Belt w/ TasselsAliExpress, $5.30
  3. Pony BagAliExpress, $15 (Three different colour combos!)
  4. Bee Brooch w/ DiamantesAliExpress, $4 (Also available in silver)
  5. Tan Genuine Leather Penny LoafersAliExpress, $51
  6. Embroidered Sailor Collar BlouseAliExpress, $15.50
  7. 18k Gold Plated Rolo ChainAliExpress, $2
  8. Grey and White Sailor Stripe ShortsAliExpress, $11.50

A few of you may recognize the Modcloth “My Kind of Pie” Printed dress, that one that RRPs for $90 (yikes!), that one that dozens of bloggers around the world are seen wearing because of the cute print and flattering silhouette. I’m getting a little more into–I suppose–“vintage” silhouettes, so searches for “vintage” and “rockabilly” come up quite frequently on AliExpress, and that’s how I found this seller, Jenny Living Hall, and an amazing(ly cheap) replica of the pie-printed dress Modcloth sells. Through chatting with the owner, I found out they supplies many rockabilly stores in Australia, so I have a feeling I’ve found a little gem right here. Also, as a gift to Carbon Chic readers, if you mention that you’re a reader, you’ll be entitled to 6% off your purchase of this glorious pie-print dress!

Instructions: Add the dress to cart, click “buy now” and before you get to adding in your payment details, leave a note (something along the lines of “Demi sent me from Carbon Chic and said that you would offer 6% off for her readers?”), and wait for the price to change. When it does, you can continue with your payment.

You can’t be truly twee and not have a pie printed dress, guys.

Anyways–As you can probably tell from the rest of the wishlist, I’m starting to really gravitate towards better-quality items, natural materials, and more timeless cuts of clothing. The dress, the shorts, and the blouse are made from cotton, as I find it makes my skin a little happier, especially in the hot Australian climate. In addition to Jenny Living Hall with their good-quality cotton rockabilly dresses and aprons, the seller that sells that blouse has a whole range of naturally-made clothing fibers, which, for someone who has a wardrobe full of polyester, is a dream come true. I sometimes fantasize about selling all my clothing and buying a whole wardrobe full of natural fibers, but I like how chiffon blouses drape too much to give them up, realistically.

As for the gold-plated chain, I decided to myself that I was going to try living my life in a few higher-quality pieces, and start with stuff that really makes a difference, like jewelry. You have no idea how sick I am of having necklaces that turn black after one use–it’s been driving me nuts. Whether it’s because I don’t drink enough water or I eat too many bags of chips, I have the most acidic skin. If my neck doesn’t turn green, the costume jewelry turns black, or sometimes even both. I’m a danger to my own accessories. So I’m going to build up a small collection of variously-sized gold-plated chains and just mix and match the pendants that I like to wear–hopefully that’ll solve the problem for the meantime, and it’ll help my costume jewelry get more bang for their buck as well.


Jeans for Genes

I actually own three pairs of jeans so the fact that I’m wearing something colloquially referred to as “jeggings” on Jeans for Genes Day is a little weird, I admit.

But I’m running errands today and felt like wearing something in which I can freely lounge and move and, you know, run.

Yes. I run in kitten heels. Albeit, not very fast.

I know there are people out there who harbor this relentless, angry, hatred towards jeggings, the same kind that makes all of us cringe at those poor clueless souls wearing Crocs or Ugg boots in public (If you do that, stop. Stop immediately.), and for me, I agree, to a degree. Also I like rhyming.

Anyways, there’s a big difference between a pair of jeans that contain 3% elastane and the more famously recognized “jeggings” that consist of >70% spandex. These are not those kind of jeggings, and for an extra percentage worth of elastane in comparison to regular jeans, I’ll happily wear these any day and consider them jeans, contrary to what any label says. It would probably make you all equally horrified to know that I bought these from Supre, too.

Did I also mention that the waist fits me perfectly, though? For those with curves at all, these things hug your hips like nothing else will and will prevent all those annoying gapes that you all have on your conventional jeans. (Slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve, my ass, Levi.)

This is another silver-toned outfit if you haven’t noticed, and I’m wearing one of the badges that I bought way back when my friends and I put in a massive collective order together. Still crazy about my little collection of pins and I’ve practically swapped out all my necklaces for cute brooches. I got sick of my acidic skin tarnishing any costume jewelry I dared to wear.

What I wore:

  • Silver Hair CuffeBay, $1 (Available in gold or silver)
  • Giraffe & Gemstone Badges – AliExpress, 80c
  • Boy’s Navy Scarf – Big W, $2
  • Silver and White Striped Top – SES, $2
  • Silver Mesh Band Watch with Sapphire Face – Target, $6
  • Tribal Stitch Belt – Dotti, $6.95
  • “Jeggings” – Supre, $20
  • Corelli Leather Kitten Heels – Mathers, $9

Total: $47.75

I’m pretty happy with that. This Winter has been see-sawing between a tropical temperatures and the sub-arctic, so I’m going outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

As a final note, my birthday coming up in a week’s time–I’m so excited!–so I’ve postphoned my popular AliExpress wishlist post a little bit. So until then, happy Jeans for Genes Day, and don’t forget to give generously!