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To celebrate the beginning of a wonderful new year, I’ve rounded up some of my best lookbook posts from the previous year–there’s quite a few of them! They’re mostly chronological too so you can see how my style has changed through the seasons.. Am I getting braver with fashion or is it just my imagination? If you’ve been following me from the beginning during the plague of the selfies in the mirror, you’ll also noticed that I ditched a favorite accessory of mine–the hairband!

Since starting to experiment with fashion for this blog so I could bring frugalistas new content and new ways of wearing things, I’ve started to be able to recognize what does and what does not suit me. Hairbands, similar to my bucket hat obsession of ’99, just weren’t me. Neither was the middle part in long, dull, unlayered hair. I’ve gone through a whole stack of changes throughout the past year–met some amazing people, stepped out of my comfort zones a lot, and obtained some hella expensive pieces of paper to frame on my wall.. It might not seem like much but this year was an eye-opener for me. Since the start of this blog, I feel like a new woman–My confidence has soared and now I feel like nothing’s holding me back.

2013.. I welcome you with open arms!

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