This weekend, I had the privelige of playing model for a very talented friend of mine to showcase my newest bargain buys and favourite outfit of the month. Sophie Baker is a simply amazing photographer, and as someone who had previously never been in a proper photoshoot before, the results simply took my breath away.

It was the perfect, scenic location, somewhere very far down Austinville Road, at Austinville (the rainforest-y part of the Gold Coast). We stopped at a section on the road where the creek spilled onto the bitumen to flow onto the creek on the other side of the road, if only a few inches deep, and try as hard as I did, I still got my beautiful shoes wet!

This entire outfit of mine cost somewhere around $50.. including the shoes.

Dress – $20 – Fudge, an Asian boutique in Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane

Shoes – $20 – Aldi, Carindale (real leather insole and lining, rubber outer)

Choker – $2 – Jezebel Jewellery, Carindale

Knee-high tights – $2 – Aldi, Carindale

Watch – $140 – 20th birthday present from Michael, from Prouds (doesn’t count!)

To complete the look, slap on a black hairband from Diva for a dollar and you have yourself a perfect summer outfit with a hint of retro!

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