We’ll be glow-in-the-dark..

I have a confession to make: This is the third time I’ve worn a variation of this outfit this week. Yes, I am a serial repeat (outfit) offender. It’s not my fault, I just love this colour against my hair and skintone! Neon is a very “now” trend of Spring and Summer and I’m currently going through stores in Australia, looking for other tops in this bright tone. Not very easy to find! Target has a great sorbet range with this colour in it, but I’m waiting for sale time to roll around. My mother just jumped the gun and bought jeans in this neon shade and when we met up in the city one day, she was wearing the jeans and I was wearing this top and we were both wearing black accompaniments and.. yeah. Shopping with her in matching outfits. SUPER!

I digress though. This top is brilliant. It’s crafted in a stretchy spandex sort of material with little cut outs in patterns across the fabric and it feels kind of tribal, too! It was an absolute steal at $10 from ASOS! As the weather gets warmer, it made sense to pair it with a cute pair of structured pleather shorts, and I added a little studs and spikes to the outfit for a more edgy feel.

Here’s the rundown:

DIY Spike Hairband!Tutorial here

Gold Choker – Equip, $5

River Island Neon SingletASOS, $10 (with coupon code!)

Neon Skinny Belt – Target, free with another skirt

Gold Spike BraceleteBay, $2

Triangle RingeBay, $2.30 (came in a set; Topshop replicas)

Pleather Shorts – Cotton On, $5 (On sale because they fit really badly–lucky I have a sewing machine!)

(Leather) Bejeweled Stiletto Peeptoes – L&J Shoe Gallery, $25

Total: $49.30! If you’re ever likely to catch me out shopping, this is the outfit I’ll be wearing this Summer.

Speaking of Summer–I’ve started an exercise regime on the bike to try and get my legs slimmed down for the Summer. Hopefully, you’ll all note the shrinkage of Thunder Thighs, and if all goes well, I’ll even be showing off where I got my amazingly beautiful swimsuit from for only $20! Look forwards to that in a few months.

And for those who have a keen eye, you’ll notice that I’m sporting my new haircut in this outfit post! Like it? More details on that coming up later. ;)


  1. You look gorgeous! Haha I am also an outfit repeater and like to wear the same thing with slight variations when i find a combination I really love ;) Also trying to exercise more so I have more toned legs and arms for summer but not doing so well so far :( x Sushi

    • Demi

      Oh wow, THE Sushi commenting on my blog :D I feel privileged!

      Get an exercise bike and plonk it in front of the telly. Godsend. Sitting there watching TV and doing nothing else? Hop on the bike! It’s brilliant. If that fails, there’s always not caring and going out to flaunt it anyways :P

  2. My my, you’ve got gorgeous pins! Thunder thighs? Pffft, I don’t think so! I think I’ve got thunder thighs for my petite frame, will we EVER be perfectly happy with our appearance? Also, I find that cycling really tones your calves (which only makes them chunkier…) and not much for your thighs, but let me know if it’s working for you I’d like to know whether jogging or cycling is better!

    I’m in awe of your $25 leather heels too!

    • Demi

      Girl, if you had thunder thighs, you’d never be able to rock those awesome floral jeans I saw in your blog! (People with big thighs who wear patterned pants just balloon their size, which is why I’d never dare to wear floral pants!) I think I’m relatively okay with my body, I’ve come to terms with my size and all, but I think I’d be super happy just to be.. fit. And have toned legs.

      Actually my boy cycles to and from work (about 20k a day or so) and he has the most incredible legs. Rock-hard ass (sorry for the TMI haha!), muscular thighs, and of course muscular calves. I won’t be trying to overdo it on the bike though lol, I’ll be happy when I just get some definition and I won’t go as hardcore at it as he does. But as far as I know, it tones from ass down, which is really all I need. I do think jogging is probably better, BUT that being said, I have both a treadmill and an exercise bike and I just can’t find myself committing to the treadmill, as much as I tried. I hate having to get into my running gear etc and then showing afterwards–I go on my bike lots and lots of times a day in small intervals and I barely break a sweat though I’m keeping at 30K an hour or so. But I know I’m getting a work out because the first time I hopped on the bike and did lots of exercise, later that night I thought my legs were going to drop off and I couldn’t fall asleep from the crippling agony.. Never overdo that stuff, omg!

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