This is a pretty simple DIY. I see places like Topshop and Diva etc selling these headbands for up to $30 each and it’s soo not worth it! I only wanted a really simple, understated headband so I decided on small studs and a plain black band, but you could go as elaborate as you want!

These are the things you’ll need for this DIY:

  • Miniature Sewing Kit. Or a needle and thread if you wanna be super cheap.
  • Satin Hairband (from the Reject Shop/Crazy Clarks/eBay/back of your cupboard… shouldn’t be more than a couple of bucks with any option there)

Step One: You’re going to need about 30 studs or so. Obviously this DIY is a bit easier if they’re sew-on studs and not spike-backed studs or screw-on (though you could find a slightly wider headband that could theoretically support the screw-in studs.. probably not the spike-backed ones though).

Step Two: Start in the middle of the headband and sew a stud on diagonally (that means the holes are diagonal in comparison to the headband). When your needle leaves the stud, loop it under the headband and sew it into the satin underneath. Pull tight and thread in another diagonally-set stud. Rinse and repeat. Keep checking in the mirror to see how close you’re getting to the ends and whether you like how the end result looks like on that side–you don’t want studs to be spiking you in the back of the ears, yeah? When you get to the end of the line, use the rest of the thread to just resew over the studs you’ve laid down for extra security so they don’t wobble around. Rinse and repeat for the other side.

Step Three: Once you’re done, quickly smother the studs with a layer of clear nail polish or clear gloss spray. You can also do this before you’ve laid the studs down, but I’m stupid and I forgot to! This prevents tarnishing and makes them extra shiny. If you’ve done this in step one, then voila, you are done!

Keep an eye out for this headband in a future outfit post, frugalistas!


  1. Love it! Just wish I could wear headbands – I must have a large head as they always end up giving me a headache.

    • Demi

      Thanks! Some of the really tight and rigid metal ones give me a headache too–I try and buy the plastic ones because even though they break easier than the metal ones, they’re less headache-inducing!

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