Of the very best kind!

Everything in this post is still on sale, right now, and still available, as well as many other bargains so you gotta hurry on down to the Myer Centre, Brisbane, and pick them up while they’re still there. Forget going online, these are deals so good you have to walk, run or crawl to get your hands on them!

I know people like to think that I buy crap for a living (I forgive them since they’re usually only trying to justify their own overpriced purchases), but I am really loving my swag today. Even for me, it’s not often that I find 100% genuine leather shoes down from crazy, crazy prices.

The L&J Shoe Gallery has on right now the greatest type of all available sales, and that is the closing down sale. There are plenty of shoes l left, some discounted and some not, and most of the discounted shoes were available in the larger sizes like 9/10, so it was a miracle that I found these two beauties, in my perfect size, just waiting for me to try and buy them! My eye initially caught the gorgeous gold and silver shoes below–like walking on heaven, leather inner and leather outer, and the last ones left in my exact size–8.5. They were on sale at $40, down from $130. But there was no way I was walking out of L&J without taking advantage of the “second pair for $10” deal. So I tried on about 15 pairs of shoes until I settled on the black beauties you see before you. Fine steel, bejeweled heel, leather, and oh-so comfy. In my perfect size. It was meant to be; I had to grab them both. They were also $40 (down from $160), but because of the closing down deal, I ended up paying $50 for both; $25 each!

There was a similar story in Myer as well. I always give the shoe sale section a peek; you never know what bargain you’ll find on the 75% off table, right? It definitely paid off today. Down from $170, these Nude nude heels with a gold trimming and bow. Leather inner and outer, of course. A cool $22.75.

You know when you walk out of the house and you know you’re having a good shoe day? I’m having one of those right now.

In addition to these purchases, I bought some non-shoe things from Target recently (though I probably would have bought some Target shoes too if they had my sizes left on the sales tables), one of which you’ve already seen, but I figured they warranted part of a post regardless.

All down from $39, we have a $7, and two $13 bags. I’m digging the two gorgeous ponyhair duffel bags and will be doing a DIY with them later on to jazz them up a bit, stay tuned!


  1. omg!!! amazingggggggggggggggggggggggg. love l&j. need to check it out soon! $10?!?!?!

    • Demi

      Hahahahaha, you need to get in there quick Yee-man, I think they’d be close to empty judging by how many people were there on Friday night :P

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