Picture overload!! I know, I know, you must be thoroughly sick of seeing my mint jeans. I can’t help it though, I’m completely mint-mad! Every time I find an outfit that wouldn’t work well with black or blue jeans, I reach for my good ol’ mint pair. Unlike the other mint-paired outfits, this is a very neutral outfit, which comes just in time for the trend of neutrals sweeping into Australia for Spring. Neutrals and pastels can be paired quite successfully! On that note as well, navy makes a good substitute for black as far as neutrals are concerned.

These shoes were a special buy; I bought them in the Payless Shoes sale with the wine heels in my previous lookbook post, but unlike those heels, these are 100% leather and cushiony to boot! The name on the box says “Ezywalkin”, and it ain’t lying. Another thing I like about these suede shoes is that while they’re actually black, they can be worn with dark navy accessories too, because in different lights, the color of these shoes change from blue to black. Pretty neat, huh??

Here’s the rundown:

Burnt Orange Wool Hat – Dotti DFO, $10

Bow Neck Top – Mix Apparel (Coles), $12

Gold Studded BraceleteBay, $2

Gold Cat Ring – Colette, $2 (some still left)

Black Ponyhair Duffel – Target, $13 (down from $39, sale on now!)

Oversized Navy Leather Belt – Mum’s, vintage.. it used to be navy but it’s been worn so much by my mum that it’s turned more black!

Mint Jeans – Kmart, $15

Ezywalkin Leather Heels – $29 (down from $59, sale still on!)

Total: $83, including the bag and all-leather shoes. I’d been waiting for the bag to come on sale for quite a while now–When it dropped to $22, I analyzed the amount of stock left in stores over the period of a couple of weeks to calculate the depletion rate of the bag and I found that the bag was selling so slowly that it was bound to go on sale yet again, and my patience paid off (but then again, it usually does)! There’s also a leopard-printed panel version (I snapped up that one too) on sale too, right now, so head on over to the Target end of season clearance sale and check it out. So many bags. SO MANY BAGS. I struggled to walk away with only 3, but frugalistas are supposed to have limits, you know!

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