It’s freezing, actually! I only needed to duck out for a quick trip to the park with the man-friend today (that’s Hugo, not Michael, mind you) and it started belting out rain! So we returned, but then the rain stopped immediately. This, I took as God’s suggestion that I didn’t need any exercise today. Why thank you, God. So instead I went and changed my shoes to these pretty heels and snapped some photos for your benefit.

I reused the mint jeans from a few posts ago, and you can tell I’m slowly becoming crazy about them! I would have thought that mint jeans would be dastardly hard to find anything to go with, but above I demonstrate two different outfits you can wrangle up with the same pair of mint jeans. One is lady chic and the other is man(ly) chic. My friend Ellen refers to this concept as the “assertive” look.

Here’s the rundown:

Heart Print ShirteBay, $8 (ASOS copycat!)

Light Denim Shirt – Mum’s, vintage (I think it’s about 20 years old—and well-loved!)

Cream Vest – Big W, $10 (kid’s department from when I was 13—the tag says “Lightening Bolt Babe”, lol)

Red Cross-Section WatcheBay, $4.50

Gold Studded BraceleteBay, $2

Thin Black Belt – Jay Jays, 80c

Mint Jeans – Kmart, $15

Betts Token Red Patent HeelsThe Iconic, $21

Total: $61.30!

This is a bit of a cheat considering that a good denim shirt is hard to find and God knows how much this one cost my mother, but everyone has a denim shirt passed down from Mum, surely?? If not, get on it and find one, because they’re the ultimate staple as assertive fabulousness goes.

Hope everyone had a swell weekend and all your uni results reached you without a fail grade in sight!

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