I am a gold addict. I love all things that glitter and sparkle. When you combine gold with different textures of black like I’ve done here, it just gives off this too-cool-for-school vibe that rockstars always seem to have and I’m constantly trying to achieve (you know, when I’m not trying to dress all “kawaii”).

This peplum top may look olive green in pictures and on the listing, but it’s actually a very nicely constructed gold mesh with a black background (so it gives off the olive hue). It’s best to match this top with bronze accessories but I’m not afraid to play with different shades of gold.

I got my hair newly dyed yesterday and did a little Russian Roulette with the henna packets. The result of mixing a bright orange with a dark red turned into a bright apple red and I’m not sure that I like it this saturated, but a change is a change. I could never be without red hair ever again. I love how it makes me feel; fiery and confident and every time I look at myself in the mirror under a blazing sunlight, I feel instantly energized.  You know I’m a big advocate of natural, unmodified beauty (because humans are naturally gorgeous just the way they are), but this is the one exception that I couldn’t live without, and I do it for myself, not others.

Here’s the rundown of what I’m wearing:

Gold Choker – Equip, $5

Gold Hair CuffeBay, $1.70

Belt – Jay Jays, 80c

Gold Peplum Top – eBay, $8 (update: Found it on AliExpress!!)

Bronze Leaf RingeBay, $1

Gold Cicada RingeBay, $1.20

Black Velvet Shorts – Temt, $10

Gold Sequin Clutch – eBay, $6.60 (Zara replica!)

Ezywalkin Leather Heels – Payless Shoes, $29

Total: $63.30. Yaaay!

It’s good to know that I’m not losing my touch yet. Uni has been so busy around this period that I honestly don’t know what to do with myself and I barely have the time to blog. This is the last semester of my degree and I’ve got one month to do, so everything has yet to hit the ceiling, but it’ll get there! If I duck away for a week or more sometime during November, fear not; I’m just running around like  a headless chicken (complete with the wild arm flailing) trying to reason the meaning of life and why the hell universities still force us to do group assignments, and more specifically why every one of my subjects this semester has a compulsory team element to it.


    • Demi

      I know, and for practically a meager little fiver! :D

    • Demi

      Hey! After much searching, I found it on this website:
      Though it IS more expensive and there is additional shipping involved too (though I can’t quote you how much it would be since I’ve never ordered from that site). Google tells me that the top is non-existent on eBay anymore, so it looks like it’s old season stock and they’re not selling it anymore :( Sorry, but that’s the best I could do for you.

  1. I really like your shirt! I was wondering if you bought it on ebay you can look in your purchase history or the area where you have to leave them feedback and it will take you to the shirt!

    (: I must have that shirt :P

    Your outfits are awesome btw(:

    • Haha I already know all the tricks in the book ;) I already looked it up in my previous purchAes history but it was bought long ago enough that the listing title was greyed out. I looked through the seller’s current items and it wasn’t there and I also looked up a few keywords in the title of the old listing and it wasn’t coming up that way either :( I think there’s a good chance they don’t sell it anymore but I’ll keep an eye out for you! Really sorry about that.

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