Oh girls just wanna–!

There’s something so ridiculously girlie about this outfit. It could be the pink skirt.. or the flowery blouse.. or the kitten ring.. or the giant bow on the sandals.. oh, who am I kidding, the whole thing screams “girl” to me. I really love this outfit, anyways. The skirt is sort of a special item for me; I bought it from River Island when they had their free worldwide shipping promotion and it ended up costing me a mere $10! It’s a little tight (I didn’t have a lot of choice with the size), but not unreasonably so–thank glob for being an hourglass shape!

Here’s the rundown of today’s outfit:

Gold Chain ChokerAliExpress, $4.50 (10% off sale)

Embroidered Flower BlouseeBay, $8.50 (I bought it in a 15% off sale–Zara imitation)

Filigree Bracelet & Watch – Birthday presents :D

Kitten Ring – Colette, $2

Pink Circle SkirtRiver Island, $10

Metallic (Leather) Sandals – L&J Shoe Gallery, $25 (as seen in the post Salacious Sales)

Total: $50!

Exact, woo! I’m really on a roll recently with keeping under my $50 budget! I love it when eBay reduces the price of an item I’ve been watching for a while–those 5-20% off sales you get every now and again are usually the tipping point for me on whether to buy something or not. And I’m very glad I bought that blouse, it’s gorgeous.

But if you’ve noticed the rundown, you’ll see that a new contender has entered the arena! AliExpress is kind of like a cheaper eBay, minus PayPal, plus a lot of “minimum order” clauses. If you’ve read the listing of the gold chain choker I bought, you’ll see the “minimum order is $15” part–sometimes annoying, but if you’re looking to make a bulk jewelery purchase, it’s pretty handy. When I say “minimum order”, I don’t mean you have to buy three of those same necklaces, but $10 worth of mixed orders, so you can check out the user’s store and add various rings, necklaces, bracelets, and so on, to your basket before you check out. I’ve already made several purchases from AliExpress and things seem to be good so far. Cheaper prices are always a good thing, too, ne?


    • Demi

      Thanks, it’s such a pretty, versatile shirt!

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