Are you old enough for love?

As soon as I took a proper look at the blouse and noticed that the collar was navy and not actually black, I knew what I could pair it with. This blouse is so romantic for me, how it generates sweeping lines down the bust and the sheer material shows off glimpses of some curves underneath. This outfit definitely reminded me of schoolgirl chic, but I don’t mind so much. Skater skirts still compliment my body the nicest out of any cut I have in my closet and the bright pops of colour from the bag and tights really prevent this outfit from looking too corporate, which I didn’t really want for the weekend ahead.

I love this bag! It’s a rip-off from the brand Temporary Secretary and it just adds that extra pinch of girlie to the whole outfit. I never turn down orange; it’s among one of my favorite colours (the others being.. mustard.. navy.. maroon.. okay I probably have too many favorite colours!) and magically seems to go with everything. Don’t you love it when you find an accessory that just works?

The rundown:

Gold Heart NecklaceeBay, $1.30

Gold Crown RingeBay, $1

ASOS Double Collar BlouseeBay, $10 (In a separate auction)

Maroon/Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2 (Seriously loving this piece—it goes with everything)

Genuine Mickey Mouse Watch – Markets, $5

Navy Skater Skirt – Ally, $15

Maroon Tights – Cotton On, $5

Black Patent Heels – Aldi, $20 (Freshly back from their Louboutin DIY Makeover!)

Total: $59.30! Yay! I love it when an outfit doesn’t breach $60. Just makes me feel like I’m doing a good job with the bargain hunting. ;)

Chuck in that Temporary Secretary fox bag for $8 more and everything just screams “cute” on this outfit. All I need is a pair of fake Prada sunnies (not because of the sun, but of course because of the crazy wind hitting Brissie today) and I’m ready to go on vacation! Michael is taking me to the Sunshine Coast—If the weather holds up and it’s not too cold, I may even bring back some shells from my trip! Super excited.

I hope all my readers have a great weekend too!! xo


  1. How long will the paint last on the soles of your shoes? Just wondering because in my experience acrylic is easily damaged.

    • Demi

      No worries, I welcome questions like these :) I’ve worn the shoes about five times since painting on the soles. Looking at them just then, the painted parts that don’t touch the ground have stayed in pristine condition, if a bit dirty because I have long grass in my yard and have to trek through that when I’m leaving the house, haha. The front part of the sole that has contact with the ground when you’re walking has worn off in a similar fashion to how original Louboutin shoes get worn down with regular use (i.e. something like this). I hope that helps!

  2. I got my ASOS blouse a few days ago! Yay! And I also received the bird print Zara dress that I linked in that comment a few weeks ago – definitely legit so I’m a happy camper! I love how you styled the blouse, can’t wait to play around with it!

    • Demi

      AWESOME!! So it was actually yellow and not beige?? That’s very awesome, I gotta get me one now too!

  3. I LOVE the owl bag, it’s on my watch list till I can’t resist buying it! And also the top… Also added to the watch list!

    Love your site, it’s been added so my fav’s keep it up :)


    • Demi

      Hi Miss Mesg! I adore that bag too, and how cool is it that it comes in like 5 different colours?! For $8, you know you should take the plunge.. ;)

      Thanks for following! Hope my blog proves helpful for you! :D

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