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I totally missed How-Tuesdays this week! So sorry everyone! I’ll have a DIY up soon before the end of the week, I promise ;) . Moving on to further matters, I’ve tested out the camera that my darling Mikey bought me and it’s pretty fantastic! I took the first photo with that camera but the rest of them with my old camera. I hate to say I did this because the sun was going down and I didn’t have time to continually reset the 10 second timer (you had to reset it every time it ran a course because it would immediately return to ordinary shooting mode so I couldn’t just run back and press the capture button) and it would only take one photo at a time so that was my plan out the window! I managed to quickly capture some more photos before the sun went down though, which was good. So devastated though!

For this outfit, I needed something warm enough to wear at uni during the night and yet breezy enough not to overheat me during the day now that the temperature is rising. I bought this scarf a few years ago at a JayJays sale and it’s so large and snuggly and a gorgeous rusty colour. My favorite way of wearing scarves recently is to braid them (as demonstrated on the above pictures)–what’s your favorite way to tie a scarf?

Here’s the rundown:

Twin Flower Hair Clips – Mum’s

Burnt Orange Scarf – JayJays, $5

Amber Elephant Necklace – Mum’s

Gold Spike BraceleteBay, $2

Bronze + Wood Beaded Bracelets – Mum’s

Bronze Lightening RingeBay, $1.60

Gold Watch – Present from Mikey

Zara (replica) Horse Print ShirteBay, $11 (Currently on sale! Love the studded shoulders.)

Tribal Stitch Belt – Dotti, $6.95

Men’s Black Jeans – Jeans West, $?? (Actually my ex gave these to me.. they were straight leg but I DIYed them into a skinny leg and I wear them all the time now!)

Corelli Leather Sandals – Williams, $10!

There are so many borrowed and gifted items in this outfit that the total isn’t really worth calculating, sorry!

The genuine leather sandals were a real bargain to take note of! Williams is having a huge clear-out at the moment and everything is currently selling at 50% off the marked price (even sale items)! I love it when they have sales like this. From $100 to $40 to $20, I managed to snap up these heeled sandals at a really crazy $10! Patience is such a virtue when it comes to shopping. All good things come to those who wait, ladies!

The shirt is an interesting artifact, I have a few items of clothing from eBay marked with “Zara” on the tag, but I’m not entirely convinced that its a genuine article. Funny thing is that when I saw these tags before, I never realised that Zara was an actual notable brand that people care about, I thought it was probably just a random eBay China brand of some sort. The mustard skirt I’ve featured in a few lookbook posts is also branded Zara, hehe. But yeah, it’s a pretty good replica of the original, which is also 100% polyester. (On a side note, I see some bloggers calling it a “silk” shirt, but even the website contradicts them and really, polyester is polyester so you might as well buy the replica, really.)

That’s all I wanted to say, so over and out for now!


  1. How do you braid a scarf? Can you make that (and perhaps other ways to tie a scarf) the subject of another post? I can’t tell from the photos how you have done it. How to wear clothes can be as important as how to get them cheap right? :)

    • Demi

      Oh it’s so so easy to do! Fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck, then thread the two ends through the end of the loop like you normally would. Take one end out and thread it in the “opposite” way.

      Hm, not sure that was very clearly explained. You’re right, I’ll look into making it a subject of a post soon–thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hi, just would like to say that I love your blog. it inspires me to dig around ebay again. I bought a Zara copy recently (this one: and the fabric is completely different to the real Zara one (the zara one is silky the one i got is more cotton-ey) so I’m a bit dissapointed..but for $10 i cant really complain i guess?? I also bought the asos heart print shirt (i think you have the same) from ebay but that hasnt come yet so fingers crossed…anyway can you maybe list out your favourite ebay sellers in a blog post or something so I can browse around :P

    • Demi

      Thank you so much, Liz! It’s a bit hard to tell what the material will be like with replicas which is why I always look at the mannequin photos to try and gage what the end product will actually look like! (Model photos are sometimes sooo ridiculously different)

      In regards to eBay sellers, there are a lot of regulars I purchase from but it usually all comes down to price for me. With eBay China, there are usually a couple of sellers with dozens of different accounts, so it usually comes down to which one is the cheapest option. And of course there are a lot of sellers selling what their competition are selling because it all comes from the same warehouse anyways. Because of these things I don’t really record a list of favorite sellers, but I’ll take a look at which sellers I usually buy stuff from and post out a list!

    • Demi

      Thank you Liset! It’s my favorite blouse at the moment and inexpensive to boot!

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