Tasting much sweeter than wine..

Honey and wine was the theme of today’s outfit. I love this dress so much, and older followers of mine will recognize it from several months ago when I bought it from ASOS. For this outfit though, I really thought it needed more than black accessories, and so I added some wine hints throughout the ensemble. There are some really brilliant end-of-season sales right now, and I decided to show off a few of the bargains I nabbed recently (most of which you can still get in-stores)!

Here’s the rundown:

Bronze Winged NecklaceEbay, $3

Geometric necklaceeBay, $2.70 (House of Harlow 5 Station necklace replica)

RARE DressASOS, $20

Black Ponyhair Belt – Target, $7 (on sale now; down from $20)

Velvet Crossbody Bag -Target $7 (on sale now; down from $35)

Wine/Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2

Triangle RingeBay, $2.30 (came in a set; Topshop replicas)

Elite Gold Watch – Prouds, gift from Mikey

70D Footless Tights – Kmart, $3 (came in a pack of 2; on sale now)

Velvet Wine Heels – Payless Shoes, $9 (also available in brown; on sale down from $39)

Le grande total: $56–including all bags and accessories!

Just as I thought that the mustard trend would be leaving me forever (or at least for a long while), jewel tones start to appear to be a popular choice for Spring and Summer 2012 and these gorgeous accessories make me feel up to date with trends again. I do feel like my haircut is lagging a bit behind though; in my excitement to have waist-long hair again, I completely forget how badly my long, unlayered hair used to look in high school and I can feel the cringe coming on. I’m thinking I’ll need to bite the bullet and hire a good hairdresser to style my hair for me.. Any suggestions on Brissie hairdressers??


  1. This is one of my favourite outfits that you’ve created. I’ve had a bit of a crush on mustard recently and bought a dress of a similar cut (but made of lace) from Cotton On for $20 on sale late last year. I love using mustard with purple and find it can look really great. Have you ever tried mixing those two colours? I often wear my mustard yellow dress with purple tights, black boots, black bag or clutch, then I paint my nails a dark purple.


    • Demi

      I think purple and mustard are maybe a bit too punk rock for me! Besides that, I never personally thought of it as a fashion-wise combination due to some of the branding out there (Los Angeles Lakers, Cadbury, hahaha). Like how yellow and red might be a good combo in theory but I’d be too scared to wear it because people might associate it with McDonalds. I worry about strange things sometimes!

    • Demi

      I love this bag too–and especially how it matches the shoes to the exact shade, hehe!

  2. It’s crazy how well you manage to scour the internet to find cheaper copies of pieces you like, I love the HOH 5 Station necklace but can’t really justify it!

    You’re the perfect example of not having to spend much to look good, and I adore it!

    • Demi

      Thank you Joan, that’s a huge compliment for me; I’m glad you like my look and appreciate what I do!

      I love fakes, they’re the best! All my jewelery is pretty much disposable (asides for the real-gold things and sentimental pieces) and I just swap things out as I please–this is the reason why I find it hard to justify big prices too, because I don’t mind quantity over quality for things like that! (This rings true for most things except for shoes.. gotta have me some HQ leather shoes in my cupboard.)

  3. Absolutely love love LOVE this look! Seriously adore.

    I need to find me a dress like that so I can recreate this! :) x

    • Demi

      There’s a nice ASOS replica dress available on eBay with slightly longer sleeves? Nothing more similar I could dig up, I’m afraid. But thank you, I’m really enjoying wearing this outfit and repeat offending all week through with it, haha.

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