I started uni again last Monday. I am so sick of uni already but it mostly has to do with my uninspiring classes with their boring lecturers who drone on and on or otherwise can barely speak any English. I can’t wait to start on my Master’s of Marketing next year instead!

I’m having a lot of fun with the peplum trend. Because of my narrow waist and broad hips and shoulders, I feel that peplums flatter every part of me while working to hide the not-so-good parts. The good news is that whether you’re pear shaped, apple shaped or hourglass shaped like me, you can still rock the peplum. For those who have curves, it will enhance them, and it will create curves for those who have none.

Did you recognize the boots?? I wanted to show off a casual way of wearing these glitter blocked boots, and paired with these sunglasses, they make me feel like a rock star! I went into Ice on Tuesday and they complimented me on my boots before I told them that it was one of theirs! The regional manager was super impressed, photos were taken and names exchanged–I’m kind of hoping my little bit of self-promotion will help me get a job there. Wishful thinking of course.

Here’s the rundown of today’s outfit:

Prada knockoff SunglasseseBay, $2.50 (Sadly they don’t suit me very well so I’m going to give them away to a friend)

Heart Choker – Colette, $3

White Peplum Top – Ice, $15

Cat Mask Ring – Colette, $2

Black Skinny Belt – Jay Jays, 80c

Jeans – Target, $15

Boots – Ice, $15 (plus my DIY tutorial)

Total: $53.30!

As the weather starts to warm, this is the perfect back-to-school outfit that I can wear again and again until Spring.. and the boots are pretty comfortable too, despite the heel!

How are you wearing the peplum trend this Spring and Summer? Shirt, skirt, dress or all of the above?


  1. Those boots look amazing! Definitely will need to try your tutorial to give a pair of old heels a little bit of glitz. Also, I am so ridiculously impressed with the 80c belt – did you buy that instore?? I never see those kind of bargains.

    • Demi

      Thank you Shopparama!

      The 80c belt was a huge fluke–Rummaging through the bargain bin in Jay Jays like I do every time I visit the place, I found a couple of belt “packets” with three belts in each of the packets. The bargain bin was titled “2 for $5” and a packet counted as a single item even though it had 3 items on it and so I snagged them both! I checked the bins again today and all I could find were glove packs, baseball caps and gold/silver/black ballet flats, so all the good stuff probably gets cleared out pretty fast! Just need to keep an eye out and never double the possibility of a good bargain lurking in the corner ;)

  2. I love peplum, I have shirt and a dress, and want another dress and it suits everyone so well.

    Love this shirt !

    • Demi

      At the moment I only have a skirt, a shirt, and a sort of formal-ish dress, but I’m hoping to add more to my collection! Peplums are just too awesome.

  3. anastasiastarz Reply

    Love the boots :)
    I totally understand the thing about those lecturers who have a very difficult to understand accent. If there’s different sessions and lecs, try changing lecs.

    • Demi

      Sad to say QUT only offers one lecture slot for this subject :( I’m just going to skip them, apparently they’re not very critical anyways. And it follows the most boring lecture in the world, so I might skip that too. I feel like such a slacker. Just need to pass with the grades I’m getting and I’ll be able to get into a Masters, finger’s crossed, fingers crossed!!

      You’ll get to see more of the boots later on this week, too :P I am fully getting as much wear out of them as I can..

  4. just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog for the last 2 weeks and I really enjoy it :-)

    • Demi

      Thanks to you, anonymous reader! :D

      I’m glad you like it, I hope it continues to be fun for you to read :)

  5. how cool that ice were so impressed with your boots! they look amazing and not at all like you did them yourself!

    I have those prada knock-off sunglasses from eBay as well, in black. eBay is awesome for knock-off sunnies! x

    • Demi

      I thought it was super cool, I was gushing at them just as much as they were gushing over the boots! Sadly, as comfortable as they are to walk in, the heel is starting to separate from the base of the.. heel, and I’m not sure how many more wears I have out of them. I may have to do this to a more expensive shoe when these ones kick the bucket!

      eBay is awesome for knockoff everything you mean ;) Hehe.

  6. Those boots really are awesome :-) I’ve got a pair of black leather boots that are so worn in and comfortable but they have a massive fold over top, so now they just look like pirate boots compared to all my others. Might have to try some DIY to bring them back to life :-)

    • Demi

      I definitely recommend it! They’re really quite the head-turner, wherever I go :)

    • Demi

      Hehe, I’m supposed to be making the opposite effect! I thought I’d like those sunnies too, but sadly they don’t really go with my face :( They come in lots of other colours on eBay too, so you can pick and choose what you like!

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