A few months ago, I had an awesome day of shooting with my best friend Louisa Parkinson! While she herself is a professional model and much more skilled at photoshoots than I am (as evidenced by her pro poses against my “what the hell am I doing with my hands” poses), it was still a really fun day and we got many great photos in the end. Our photographer was the talented amateur Bryan Justin, who spent the whole day shooting us and waited patiently through many an outfit change (in the back seat of Louisa’s car..),  so thank you so much for all your time spent on this shoot, Bryan!

These pictures were all shot at the Manly Marina, and it was a relatively warm day as we celebrated those last few cold snaps before the advent of Spring.

So here’s the rundown of outfits you see before you:


Candy Earrings – ValleyGirl, $6

Gold Cuff – Equip, $5

Orange Skater Dress – Ice, $30

Belt – Ice, $7.50

Pink Leopard Print Pumps – G-Market, $15

Total: $63.50


Circle Choker – Equip, $5

Glamorous Peplum DressASOS, $21 (had a coupon code, woot! ..Also they were having a peplum sale when I bought it, but the price has gone up, dammit.)

Patent Waist Belt – Target, free with a dress (best wardrobe staple ever)

Wine/Gold Bangle – Rubi, $2

70D Footless Tights – Kmart, $3

Black patent Oxford pumps – Famous Footwear, $10

Total: $41!

Yikes, I’m a cheapskate.

So today I’ve won the battle of the frugalistas, but make sure you stay tuned for the next battle between me and Louisa next week!

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