Black Milk tights are pretty popular around Brisbane as of late. Everywhere I look, all I see is camel toe.  And then I get off that dirty website and bus to the city where I’m confronted by more camel toe. (Har, har)

It’s not that I don’t like Black Milk leggings; it’s just that I find brand-based trending about as confusing as it used to be in 2004 when everyone wore Von Dutch trucker hats. And then Ed Hardy everything in 2009. Now both bogan favorites. I give to you the future of brand-based trending! (Thundercrack; maniac laughter)

Despite the fact that the concept of printed tights (for me) conjures images in the head of pantsless tweens, I thought there’s no harm in having a bit of fun and wearing them in a strictly non-offensive way today. If you don’t have $100 to blow on tights, you can source out some cheapies on eBay. Or you only have to walk into any low-end fashion store (Ice, Temt, etc) and find a myriad of reasonably-priced printed tights available to buy for this throwaway trend (Ice actually has some very nice floral ones from the last time I looked).

Here’s the rundown on today’s just for fun outfit:

Heart Choker – Colette, $3

Sleeveless Beige BlouseeBay, $13 (Came with gold collar tips and available in 5 different colours)

Military Green Tunic – Cotton On, $10

Wide Leather Belt – Mum’s, vintage (reportedly it cost more than the rest of this outfit, yikes!)

Gold Owl RingeBay, $1

Peacock RingeBay, $1 (Forgive me; I can’t find the original ring anywhere)

Bohemian Bracelets PackeBay, $1.30

Rest of the Bracelets – Mum’s, from the bottom of her jewelery drawer

Cartoon Print LeggingseBay, $8.30

Belted Ankle Boots – Temt, $10 (I DIY’d them up a bit and added gold studs. I like them a lot better with a little embellishment, but those studs are so hard to push through the pleather!)

Total: $47.60! Not bad. And the leggings are SOOOOOO~ comfortable, I promise.

Black Milk lovers, I’m not discriminating against you, only those who wear your favorite things in horrible, horrible ways. For the rest of you rocking your BM leggings in appropriate, interesting ways, you keep doing what you’re doing! For the former unmentionables, there are more creative ways to wear printed leggings than with long black/white singlets.

Or as pants.

Printed tights are special and make great statement pieces, but don’t make them hold up the entire outfit for you! Work it.

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