And I’ll keep raining, raining, raining over you.

Today was surprisingly hot for Winter! I ditched the stockings to get some colour on my legs but the weather had a different plan in store. Rain! It was still relatively humid, but just in case, I brought my new navy blazer with me too.

This post is for my reader “Pcay07” who commented on a previous post that I should check out Coles’ Mix Apparel and report back if I find anything cool. Well I did find some cool stuff, actually! I bought a selection from them recently and chucked in as many items as I could to take advantage of the “free shipping over $50”, and my package just arrived today.

One of the items in this package was the above bow necked top. I absolutely adore it, it makes me feel like a retro flight attendant! Of course, some of the tops were ridiculously boxy for my figure and some colours were way, way off (like a RED “pumpkin” top and a TURQUOISE “indigo” top), but I’m keeping two tops (including the above one) and a plain military green dress which I’ll probably use later for a DIY project to jazz it up a bit (Gosh, I keep promising these DIYs but never deliver, I promise I will as soon as my assignments finish for the semester and I have more time!).

Anyways, rundown:

Hair Flower Pin – Big W, $1 (in a pack of 2)

Leaves NecklaceeBay, $1.60

Lightening Bolt RingeBay, $1.60

Bronze Watch – Mum’s; no idea (same watch as in this post)

Navy Blue Blazer – SES, $15

Bow Neck TopMix Apparel (Coles), $12

Dotti Belt – Dotti, $6.95

Mustard Skater SkirteBay, $14

Lace Sockettes – Myer, $2

Belted Boots – Temt, $10

Total: $64.15

If we wanted to include the umbrella, I believe I bought it when I was 15 from Target and it was $10 back then. Not sure where you can find an umbrella like this nowadays, but it fit the bill with the spots.

I paired this outfit with a navy blazer because believe it or not, despite the pictures on the Mix Apparel website, the top is cream with blue spots!!

SES have a huge sale on blazers at the moment, and if you pop into their store, you’ll find cream, gray, black and navy blazers in different cuts and sizes for the low low price of $15.

So a final word on Mix Apparel? The quality is pretty good for the price, and even though some of the colours are inaccurately described on the site, but Coles’ fabulous returns policy means that I won’t be afraid to dip my toe into that realm again if something strikes my fancy on the sales rack (and believe me, it will)!

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