Or maybe two ladies?! Welcome to round two in the battle of the frugalistas (yes, we’re running with that theme now; deal with it!).

This was the second part of our photoshoot with photographer Bryan Justin and F5 Productions at Manly Harbor. We had a pretty good time during this shoot if spending the entire time trying to prevent our stilettos from sinking clear through the bark around the trees we were instructed to stand against (“make love to the tree!”). I was most out of my element in this shoot as you can see from the semi-confused expression on my face in the last panel. The sun was really beating down on us and I have an intolerance to sun in my eyes so I spent most of the time squinting at the camera. Louisa though, as our seasoned Filipino model wasn’t very affected by the sun or the.. bark, and you can really tell she’s in her element in that gorgeous lace dress!

So here’s the rundown of items between us:


Candy Earrings – ValleyGirl, $6

Bronze Winged NecklaceEbay, $3

Lace Floral Dress – Ice, $30

Beige Belt – Ice, $7.50

Nude Pumps – Ice, $15

Total: $61.50



Gold Choker – Equip, $5

Gold Deer Skull NecklaceeBay, $3.00

Red Peplum Dress – Temt, $15 (similar on eBay here)

Belt – Free with that dress

70D Tights – Kmart, $3

(Leather) Bejeweled Stiletto Peeptoes – L&J Shoe Gallery, $25

Total: $51

The winner?! Sad to say, it looks like I took out round two as well, but it was so close this time–a mere $10 separates our outfits, making both ensembles highly awesome and highly affordable.


    • Demi

      Thanks, Hannah!! It was totally unintentional as well, haha. Is it bad that there are no full body shots because I thought “red shoes FTW!” on the day and then realised that there was too much red before I posted today?? :P (So I’m technically a cheat..)

    • Demi

      Hahaha, yeah damn I love red dresses. Little red dresses are totally an appropriate replacement to little black dresses. It’s just unfortunate that most shades of red clash with my hair, urk!

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