‘Cause I’ve been changing my mind..

Hey! I’ve been so excited to show off new clothes on this blog that I forgot the cardinal rule of bargain hunting: Reworking existing pieces in your cupboard to fit a new outfit.

I’m in love with mustard this year; I know the trend is almost over but it seems to go with everything in my cupboard! I’ll try not to keep reusing this skirt because how boring will that get for the kids out there who don’t like mustard? For now though, I wanted to show you two different ways to style the same skirt. Patterns are big nowadays and I avoid florals if I can manage, so I’m finding other ways to embrace the trend. I L-O-V-E this Zara-inspired insect shirt! Peter Pan collars are still my weakness.

Here’s the rundown:

Gold Deer Skull NecklaceeBay, $3.00

Gold Cicada RingeBay, $1.20 (To match with the insect shirt! Hell yeah.)

Peter Pan Collar Insect ShirteBay, $7.00

Thin Black Belt – Jay Jays, 80c (2 for $5 bin; I found two triple packs of belts!)

Mustard Skater SkirteBay, $14

Sheer Black Pantyhose – Woolworths, $2

Betts Token Red Patent HeelsThe Iconic, $21 (Mixture of using a discount code and returning something I bought in the order to boost the price up to make me eligible for the discount code.. I’m hardcore.)

Total: $49

At just a smidgen under $50, this is a look anyone can afford. Most of the pieces are from eBay now that I look back on the garments I used for this outfit, but that’s because eBay is such an amazing resource. I buy most of my jewelery from eBay, and there are also a plethora of designer-inspired clothing like this insect shirt, originally from Zara and priced at $30!

I’ll soon run a post on things to buy and things not to buy on eBay (China, that is) so it makes your shopping experience a little less painful. I am highly experienced in this area (read: eBay shopaholic) and have suffered so much stress that I could have simply avoided if I knew the things I know now.. Stay tuned!

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