Bah-bah-dadada! I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but I’ve been a spoiled girl and tried not to take any photos of my impromptu outfit selections because I suffer from a lack of photographer at the moment and I was waiting until the previous photoshoot was at least on the next page so you couldn’t see the stark contrast between my photography skills and Sophie’s..

Anyways, I digress! Today’s post is about the superfantasticdeal that I’ve come across. Thanks to Mirinesse Cosmetics, you and a friend can get a free tube of lipgloss worth $29.95! FOR FREE!! EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!


Okay, I think that thoroughly conveys my excitement on the issue.All you need to do is to “like” their page, sign up to the offer, and give a special URL generated from signing up to a friend of yours, so that they can sign up from your referral. Hey presto, you both get free lipgloss! Does that make sense? The page will probably do a better job at explaining than I do, so click away, my pretties! This promotion will expire after 1000 entries, so what are you waiting for?!

It is a marketing ploy by Mirinesse to get more likes to their page, but I mean come on, all you’re sacrificing is five minutes of your time and your social security number.

No, I’m just joking about that last part.

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