So I snuck in yet another trip to the shops shortly after my hairband fiasco (my wallet still cries from the memories, it demands to know why anyone could need that many hairbands, and judging from the looks the girl at the counter gave me, she must have been pretty curious too). Can you blame me? I’m an obsessed woman on a budget.

There weren’t a lot of deals about, truthfully. I looked at Equip for what must have been the millionth time in the span of two months—yes, they were still selling that necklace that I was lusting over, and yes, it was still full price and at $25 (it’s the fifth one down, “Extra Long Tassels” ). Now it was beyond me why someone would ruin that necklace with those tassels, but having been after a wide Omega necklace for some time now, I have been stalking this shop like a crazed ex-girlfriend.

For now though, I stumbled upon the perfect replacement, and it was cheap, too!

In the heart of Carindale, tucked between a Millers and a Bras N Things, was the cheap accessories store called “Jezebel Jewellery”.

They had absolutely charming little things for sale, though the majority of the fashions were not very on-trend, but pretty all the same. What initially caught my eye was their $5 special on mirrors; they had the most beautiful, delicate makeup mirrors! But.. unfortunately I didn’t need them, cute as they were.

Still, there’s no harm in looking at the other pretty shinies, right??

Hallelujah, lo and behold, after a few minutes of browsing, I found something that immediately sparked my interest.

Oh my gosh, an Omega necklace.. just for me, and priced oh-so-right at $2!! Well, I simply had to have it, and that was that. You’ll see further details on how I incorporate this baby into an outfit very soon!

This necklace is both available in silver and gold, though those with thicker-set necks should steer away from them—I wouldn’t say I was particularly “fatter” than most average girls, but it was a struggle not to cut myself on the ends when putting on this necklace and trying not to stretch it out at the same time.

And it became my precious.

I also had a bit of time to pop into Big W and something that caught my eye were the absolutely adorable trends in the girls’ section right now. Yes.. the girls’ section. Not the women’s section; note the difference, because I do a lot of shopping in both of those sections and they are not equal in the least!

This particular day, they were having a sale where there were several items in this section reduced to clear. In this sale, I picked up the most adorable paper bag shorts in a lovely ocean blue colour for $10. There were only a couple of these and I was very, very thankful that I could squeeze into the size 14’s, though barely (remember, girls’ size 14, not women’s!). I’ll be trying to incorporate them into an outfit soon, but I definitely have some ideas swirling in my head.

Keep an eye out for them!

Until next time, happy bargain hunting!

♥ Demi

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