There is absolutely no need to panic for this oncoming season, with a some revivals of last year’s fashions that truly prove that there are some items of clothing that are well and truly appropriate whenever you want them to be.

I’ll be covering a few accessories in this post that are sure to be hanging around throughout the colder months this year.

Faux Fur

As you can see in my very pretty little collage up there, something that strikes you in the corner is the woman wearing the fur jacket. While we have to remember that cats are companions, not articles of clothing, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace this season’s most controversial style choice and be ethical at the same time! With your new-found bargaining skills, there’s no way that any fur you’re eying this season will be genuine unless you’re actually staring at your dog’s behind and possessing some very Cruella de Villian imaginings.

That aside, there are a few fur vests floating around in our favorite section—the children’s! Both in Big W and Target you can find some cute fur vests (see above for a sample of the Pink Sugar brand you’ll find in Big W). Pair this over some tight skinny jeans (and remember the number one rule, ladies, they’re called “skinny jeans”, not “make me skinny jeans” ) or thick, woolen tights, and you can’t really go wrong. Unless you disregard the number one rule (as stated above).

Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan collars are also huge at the moment. It’s the way to go. For those who don’t have dresses or blouses with these babies built-in, there are these nifty things called detachable collars. For a little bit of extra chic, the Peter Pan collar phase has already passed in the Northern Hemisphere, so you’ll be able to score a few deals on the ASOS website (one of my favorites to browse at the moment).

If you’re super-broke, like I (always) am, there’s always eBay! I personally like these the best because they’re only a couple of dollars, free shipping, and you can choose from three different designs: black polkadots, pink polkadots, and black flowers.

Fabric Hairbands

Without progressing away from the face-area just yet, hairbands are also a big thing this season (finally). They’re not really the style that I wear, but large, fabric, Rosie-the-Riveter-type hairbands add elements of retro to your outfit, and if you opt for knitted ones, they’ll keep your head warm too. You don’t really need to splurge on these accessories when a lot of places like Cotton On always seem to have scarves that can fit the bill for this look for a couple of dollars. Find a cute pattern or colour you love, twist it into a tube, wrap it around your hair and knot into an over-sized bow for a vintage effect.

I know you people are lazy through, but cheap wrap-style hairbands are not very easy to find, so just check out ASOS when all else fails.

Cuffs and Chokers

As for jewelery, this season is looking at chunky, heavy pieces to embellish your warm outfits. Things like cuffs and thick chokers (the style I’m thinking of, I usually refer to them as over-sized omega necklaces) are on the list right now. I’m still keeping my eye on that omega necklace I mentioned a few posts back, but as for cuffs, I have an old favorite that I bought close to almost a year ago. It was on special because it was covered in some large, unappealing, white plastic stones, but with a pair of wirecutters, I removed the little buggers and voila, instant awesome.

Equip – $5

Nail Art

Moving down the body, something that is also appearing a lot on the runway is bright and patterned nails. Nail art! You can buy those Sally Hansen kits at places like Target but if you’re super cheap like I am, just pick up a nail dotting tool from eBay and attempt to draw some things on your nails for yourself, like flowers, leopard prints, and you’re basically limited to your imagination now! Well, and what the tool can do, I suppose.

Remember girls, nailpolish is cheap!

Patterned Tights

Tights are sexy and there’s nothing sexier than feeling warm in these cooler months as uni starts back up again and the auditorium’s room remains air conditioned at a chilly 21 degrees. Whether the tights are knitted or Lycra, look out for any sort of funky patterns running down the legs. Throw on something warm and simple on top and you’re good to go. I don’t have any specific examples of where to get these, but stay tuned throughout the next few weeks, I’ll keep everyone updated if I find something appropriate :)

Doctor Bags

This is a pretty unusual trend but I am really digging this! Doctor bags! Those bags with a flat bottom and round sides that typically open up on a hinge (like that bag included in the collage). The one I have as an example up there cost me $12.82, on sale now from Target! Available in black or brown. There is another different style of doctor’s bag available from Target as well for the same price, but having forgotten to snap a photo of this bargain, you’ll have to check it out for yourself!

So, these trends are only a few that are making an appearance this Autumn. If you keep an eye on those magazines (should you not have a subscription to Cosmo, like I, the library is a marvelous source of information), you should be alerted to many, many more, but these are the ones that I’ll be following with renewed vigor!

Happy hunting, everybody.

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