My mother and I had gold class tickets to Event Cinemas booked for quite a few weeks now. They were gifted to us by a sweetheart called Andy, and it had taken us almost a year to use them up, but with the expiry date just on the horizon, we knew we had to either use it or lose it. This was fine for me though, because it gave me the opportunity to wear some beautiful clothes that I bought recently!

Here’s the countdown, from head to toe:

HairbandDiva, $1

Omega NecklaceJezebel Jewellery, $2

Fur vest – Kmart Kids, $15 (more on this steal and other fabulous Kmart bargains coming soon!)

Dress – Target Kids, $25

Belt – Target, free with another dress

Stockings – Big W, $5 (in a 2 for $10 pack!)

Ring – eBay, $1

As usual, we don’t count the gifts from others, which include the bag from Dotti (priced at around $35, I believe) and the watch from Prouds (I believe somewhere around the $140 mark).

So there you have it, another fabulous outfit that falls just a dollar under $50! Go buy yourself two soft serve cones from McDonalds with that dollar ;).

Also, for those who have noticed, I took the first photo in the reflection of a brand new jewellery cabinet from Target! My mother announced that she had bought me an early present for Easter and lugged this thing of beauty into my room. No longer must I resort to the usage of empty deodorant cans to store my millions of bracelets, I can now tuck them away with the rest of my jewellery in a completely secret hideout. Boy do I have a lot of jewellery, too! Luckily enough, I don’t have pierced ears so that leaves more room for necklaces, but it was tough fitting this stuff all in!

If you want a cupboard like this for yourself, they’re currently on sale at a special $99 in Target. If you’re a jewellery fiend like I am, no doubt they’ll be of much use!

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