When I went to uni today, I decided to re-live an old outfit of mine. It was featured on No Name Style a year or so ago, and I figured that it had plenty of uses in it yet! This time though, I swapped in some different accessories—the chunky bronze watch and the brogues!

The brogues I recently bought from Kmart for a killer $15! By killer, I mean that literally, because they were killing me all day. They’re the kind of sneaky shoes that you put on and are tricked into believing they’re comfortable, but then you slowly start to realise throughout the day that they’re gently and progressively rubbing a blister into your heel. Of course, this is partially my fault too. I have a minor compulsion with my foot size and try to squeeze them into as small a shoe as I can. Case in point was a pair of red Homy Ped flats that I bought last year. They were on sale for $50 and they were half a size too small, but I figured I’d be fine with them. What ended up happening was the first time I wore them was on a first date with someone and I had rubbed the back of my heels raw with use. Talk about a bad day!

So I bought a pair of brogues that were just bordering on the threshold of comfort before “uncomfortable”.. bad idea. I also can’t wear socks with them because that makes them tighter, so I popped into Target and bought myself a packet of sockettes that were on sale (2 pairs for $4!) and that made the experience much better for me. I’ve definitely learned my lesson though.

The watch is from my mother and it doesn’t really work. Well, it doesn’t work at all. (I partially feel this is the only reason she gave this watch to me) But if it doesn’t keep time, at least it goes with my outfit! Memo to self: Need a new watch.

Here’s the rundown:

Hairband – The Reject Shop, $2 (it was further discounted because it was extra rejected)

Elephant necklace – Vintage, from my mother, who bought it in Germany in 1988, thus I have no idea how much it costs.

Watch – Haven’t the foggiest, also a “mum” item

Owl RingeBay, $1 (I also have it in silver!)

Belt – Vintage, a “mum” item, real leather and reportedly cost a fortune (I imagine this is true; from the sheer weight of it, I estimate that it took at least 8 cows to make this belt.. it’s like a fashionista’s equivalent of a WWE belt)

Top – Valleygirl, $15

Pants – Cotton On, $10

Brogues – Kmart, $15

The known items total $43, but from estimates I’ve received from a rather unreliable source, cough, mum, cough, the outfit’s real total would be somewhere around $150 (mostly from the belt). You can swap the belt (which is a one of a kind, so it’s pointless even listing it) out with this belt from eBay, or any similar brown waist belt, and voila, an entire outfit for around $50!

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