ASOS up to 50% off sale

I normally hate to promote brands that I’m not 100% comfortable with, but ASOS’ fabulous service has me down as a customer for life.

A month or so ago, I ordered a dress from ASOS after asking their department whether the dress was reversible (it showed two pictures under the “black” description, one black, and one black-and-white (a color that wasn’t listed on its own), and also said something about a zip fastening to reverse, so I assumed it was reversible and asked them to confirm it before I purchased it). I got the okay from their department and went ahead to confirm the purchase. It arrived pretty quickly and lo and behold it wasn’t reversible. I was annoyed because I wanted a black and white dress more than the black variety (I have so much black in my cupboard and I don’t really need any more) so I emailed them and asked them to return it.

I had a sleepover at someone’s house the following night and left the dress on the table, and my mother had grabbed it and stuck it in the washing machine (she does this with all new clothing, just automatically). So I emailed ASOS back and I said nevermind about it because my mother had washed the dress and obviously I couldn’t return it anymore.

They immediately issued me a full refund anyways! I was absolutely amazed and immediately hopped onto their site to order myself something else with the money they’d returned to me. So yeah, I am one very impressed customer—Go check out their sale stuff!

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