SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots

I always feel like I’ve jumped straight out of a neo-country-western film whenever I wear this blouse. Can you blame me?

As the weather starts to decline (although it feels like only yesterday that I was moaning about how hot it was), I find myself neglecting my collection of shorts and skirts and favoring combos that involve long-sleeved blouses with jeans/pants or worn under dresses and coupled with thick opaque tights. This is also to mask the transformation my legs undergo during hibernation periods–right from silken seductress to shag pile carpeting.

I haven’t worn this blouse for a while because it never seems quite cold enough, but it’s still a solid favorite in my wardrobe (I feel like I say this about every patterned blouse I own, no lie).

SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots
SES Pleather Bomber, Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans

What I wore:

  • Glasses – Collette Dinnigan c/o Specsavers
  • Tan Pleather Bomber Jacket – SES, $16 (I think.. God, I bought this like 5 years ago or something.)
  • Zara (Replica) Horse Print BlouseAliExpress, $11
  • Tan Belt – ASOS, Came with playsuit
  • Skinny Jeans – Target, $15 (Same ones I bought two years ago as a result of Target’s Size Survey.)
  • Robert Robert Veda Tan Leather & Gold Stirrup Boots – Myer, $38.25

Total: $80.25

Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans, Robert Robert Leather Stirrup Boots

Okay, can we just stop here and admire my boots for a second?? I’ve been waiting for it to become boot-wearing season for what seems like eons after I bought these boots at the start of last Summer from Myer. Originally $290, these dropped down to $169 and then the last pair (conveniently in a size 39) migrated onto a 75% off clearance table, after which they were reduced a further 10% because of light scuffing around the heel from the metal stirrups. Best. Bargain. Ever. (Yes, I’m aware I say this a lot.)

Robert Robert Tan and Gold Leather Stirrup Boots
Robert Robert Tan and Gold Leather Stirrup Boots

Genuine leather upper, lining, and sole, a sensible heel, and shiny gold detailing–these will definitely be my staple boots for this Winter. I preach about the wonders of the blessed Myer clearance tables more than readers probably like to hear, so here’s another opportunity for you to me to say it–Never miss an opportunity to browse the Myer sales. JUST DO IT.

Specsavers Collette Dinnigan Glasses

Please forgive me the douchey Myspace selfie and ever-popular Blue Steel expression, but how awesome are these glasses? These were the first set of frames I received from Specsavers and I’ve just about fallen in love with myself. Moreso, even! with them. I can’t wait to share my Specsavers review; they were absolutely awesome in what is usually a rather traumatic ordeal for me.

Zara Replica Horse Print Shirt, Target Jeans

But of course ever the sucker for public opinion, I wanted to ask you, lovely readers–What do you think of my new glasses?


    • Demi

      Thanks Alex! I can totally imagine you in something like this–plus a hair scarf of course ;)

  1. I love your glasses and those boots! Such an adorable look. & You had me smiling with your blue steel selfie <3

    • Demi

      Thanks Delores! I had to stop myself from cracking up in those photos, I knew that wouldn’t look too good in the selfies..

  2. You are a HOT PIECE OF ASS. Also a bargain hunting queen. Those SHOES gurl. And I am particuarly fond of any animal-related item of clothing. SPEAKING OF WHICH, send me the link for those kitty flats you were telling me about plez.

    • Demi


      I posted about them just then, GOD YOU’RE SO IMPATIENT OMG WTF BBQ KIRSTEN.

  3. I agree with you about the neo-western movie vibe of this shirt, but in the best way (I live in Texas, so that aesthetic sounds good to me!) Also, that little gold loop in the back of the heel is killing me—what a cute equestrian touch.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    • Demi

      I know right?! These boots are definitely a killer! Thanks for the comment :)

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