So that title wasn’t trite or anything, right?

On Sunday, I participated in Target’s national size survey (clicky! More details on this page). Due to my gripe with department store jeans and how poorly they usually fit me, I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. After filling in a short survey and also a consent form which I worryingly noted exempted Target from any legal suit should you have an accident inside.. or the machine blow up while you’re inside (I’m kidding, it really didn’t say that last part), I hopped into the machine, sucked in my tummy (it didn’t help by the way, they sill recorded my waist as 3 inches larger than it actually is, I checked when I remeasured this afternoon with a tape measure, frantically, I might add), and stood very very still for several seconds while it gave me a good ol’ 3D scanning.

My entire life popped out on a piece of paper in front of my eyes, all the stress eating I’ve done over the last few months certainly didn’t do me any favors. With the list of my measurements followed a list of jeans they stocked that, according to my measurements, were supposed to be my perfect fit.

Yeah right.

So I strode into Target, smarmy attitude and all, thinking to myself about how I was going to prove them wrong, jeans were going to gape around my waist, like they always do, and otherwise I wasn’t going to be able to squeeze into any of the (four!!) skinny jeans they listed. I wanted to do this properly though, so I went to the first item on the list that I could find in the size they recommended (size 8, PSHT, I’ve never wore size 8 jeans in my life), which were a very beautiful pair of skinny jeans in just that color I like.

I nearly screamed in the dressing room.

I have never found a pair of jeans that fit me so well in my life. I will never buy jeans anywhere ever again (for a very very long time).

Ladies, I implore you, participate in the size survey. There’s no excuse, hitchhike, beg for a lift, spend your paycheck on driving to one of these shopping centres, but do it for yourself. Particularly if you have trouble with jeans. If you don’t, well, having a print-out of your measurements is pretty damned handy anyways.

NSW: Westfield Parramatta, Thursday 26 April until Monday 30 April 2012
QLD: Westfield Carindale, Thursday 3 May until Monday 7 May 2012
VIC: Westfield Southland, Friday 11 May until Tuesday 15 May 2012
SA: Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, Friday 18 May until Monday 21 May 2012
WA: Westfield Whitford City, Friday 25 May until Tuesday 29 May 2012

If you want to see what these perfect jeans look like on me, though, you’re just going to have to wait for the next post ;).

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