I’ve been buying things from ASOS like a crazy person. Who can blame me, when we have the prices we do in Australia?? Among my most recent purchases which I have yet to bother to photograph and put up, I bought this abso-freaking-lutely amazing 60s inspired dress. The 60s is in right now in Australia, with block colours and chunky jewellery being a favorite amongst stylists lately, and I just love looking retro, so there was no way I would pass this bargain up.

For around $20 (I had a coupon code for 10%, also)!!

It’s a size 10 dress and a little large for me, but the belt covers the gaping in the waist very nicely and you could hardly tell that it was too big for me (for once, I thank you, oh childbearing-hips-that-fill-clothes-up).

And does anybody recognize the necklace around my neck? It’s the choker from Equip. Just like I predicted, when sale time rolled around, they had a whole bunch of stock left and reduced it from $25 to a measly $5.

So I quickly snapped it up for myself and now I have a beautiful choker! With the long pink and gold chains that were hanging from the tags at the front, I’ve replaced some blackened chains from the necklaces that I bought from eBay, and now I’m able to wear my old necklaces all over again. First point of order was to replace the reindeer chain (see the necklace with the new chain in a previous post in Carbon Chic).

So here’s the countdown:

Gold choker – Equip, $5

Chunky black snakeskin bangle – Target, from a set that cost $5 altogether

DressASOS, I paid $21.17

Black patent belt – Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

Black patent heels – Aldi, $20

Total: $51.17!

Now to backcomb my hair and drive off into the night in my man’s Cadillac!

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