Target has officially done it—they have transformed their identity from the place where the fashionably unfortunate shop.. to the place where hipsters are just starting to dip their toes inside those comforting family-friendly walls.

I went on a trip to Carindale’s new Target store (I guess it’s technically not new since it only really “moved” from one place to another, but it has to count for something, right?) with my best friend Michael today, determined to find some neat things for my buddy to wear, and boy did we strike it lucky! In spite of several (some would call them frivolous) purchases that he made at Aldi (a fire extinguisher and a convection oven—I’m not sure he knows how to cook eggs on a stovetop let alone roast something in one of those), he left the shopping centre a true winner, and in the height of male fashion. Maybe not hipster material, but trendy nonetheless, and a steal of an outfit at just under $100!

He’s rocking a lovely mint green decorative t-shirt from Target, chocolate brown chinos from Target, and brown Navigator desert shoes from Williams (30% off all shoes at Mathers and Williams today!—And also Payless Shoes now that I think about it, but that’s another blog post altogether).

T-Shirt – $4, Target (Bargain-bin find, it was brilliant, and so amazing that the only one there was just his size!)

Chinos – $39, Target (not a bargain-bin special, but it is so hard to find pants that fit well—we once ended up splurging $100 on chinos from Tarocash that his ridiculously muscular, cyclist’s buns managed to break apart in a matter of weeks)

Shoes – $55, Williams Shoes (on sale from $79!)

At just a touch under $100, this is an outfit that he’ll be able to wear again and again. Guys who may be reading this blog—I know it’s harder to find bargains for yourselves than it is for us ladies because there just aren’t that many men’s clothing stores about, but if you stick to mass-produced department stores like Kmart, Target, Big W, Best and Less, and so on, and just keep those eyes peeled for bargain-bin specials, you can’t go wrong.

Retailers of giant these giant chains are picking up on the fact that they’ll be run out of business if they don’t adapt to these fashionable times, and you can definitely take advantage of that.

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