I don’t do androgyny very well. I’m downright terrible at dressing like a boy nowadays. As my first boyfriend will testify, I was the biggest tomboy three years ago, but nowadays I go by the mantra “If you got it, flaunt it”, and try to dress in a way that flatters my large, ironic, childbearing hips and small waist. So no boys’ clothes for me! As my mother always tells me, “Boys want girls that look like girls. Would you want to date boys that look like girls? No you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t even push them into the Brisbane River with a ten-foot-pole.” (This sounds way funnier in Croatian)

But it’s fun to experiment with manly clothes anyways (or as me and my friend Ellen call them, “assertive clothing” ). Dotti is all about androgyny this season, but I’m not even going near that place until their sales start to improve; it’s been slim pickings from there since last year! So off I go to Kmart and Target instead. Both these places are big on the Varsity fashions at the moment (it’s all Varsity and Aztec in there, seriously), so they’re worth a little peek, even if you don’t normally shop there.

Yes, we know they’re a little bit childish, but at $10.50 and $17.60 respectively, you have every right to join the department of fabulous..ness.

I found lots of things to buy at Kmart, but one thing that stood out in particular was the kid’s varsity jacket! For $15, it was a steal. Pair this jacket with any pair of skinny jeans and you’ve got yourself a rocking look. A few more bits and pieces completed my outfit, and the final price is pretty awesome.

Jacket – $15, Kmart kids

Mustard top – $5, Temt

Ripped black skinny jeans – $10, Jay Jays (bargain bin! Score!)

Spike Bracelet – $3.50, eBay (also available in these other colours)

Necklace – Free, from church :-P

Around $35 all up! To complete this look, toss on a pair of Wayfarers from eBay, available for only a couple dollars more, and you is stylin’. Baseball cap optional, usually impractical. With an additional pair of black boots (available at department stores such as Target, for example), this outfit is still available for way under $100 (and potentially a pair of shoes that will go with other outfits as well, reducing your “cost per wear” drastically!).

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