Aldi Fashion Specials

So Aldi isn’t the fanciest shop on the block. It’s no Portmans, it’s no Dotti and it’s certainly no Target. But from time to time, you can find yourself surprised by the quality of stuff you pick up from there. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee isn’t going to disappoint either.

This Wednesday, you’ll find a pretty cool set of specials on at Aldi. Their ladies leather shoes are back for $20!

I’m only telling you this because they’re flats and I can’t wear flats because of the waddling factor, but you’d better keep your eye on the Aldi website, because when those leather pumps come back to stores, I’m keeping it a damned secret until I have at least four boxes of them in my closet. They’re that awesome!

And honestly, at $20 a pair, who could say no to some genuine leather, genuine cute, genuine versatile flats to go with your everyday outfits? (Except for me of course.. the aforementioned waddling..)

In addition to these, they also have stockings back, 2 for $6, which will make a great addition to any Winter wardrobe. They’re a little tougher than the Woolies stockings, too, which means less snags, but you’re already treating your stockings very very carefully, right?

There are also knee-highs for $5 for a 3 pack, and I can see these looking pretty killer under woolen maxi skirts or 3/4 trousers, but since I don’t tend to wear either, you guys will have to show me how you work them into your own outfits.

This is all from Wednesday the 16th of May, but if you’re intending to buy any of these, a word to the wise and get there as early as you can.

Sometimes even the most dignified of us have to queue outside Aldi’s to grab those fashion bargains.

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