Free Fusion & Hot Options 40% off Sale

Their website is sometimes as dodgy as all hell but BEAR WITH IT, IT’S WORTH IT OMG. I went to uni today expecting that it would be an ordinary day, but I walked back home with my backpack bulging with wonderful, wonderful jackets. I probably would have picked up some other stuff too, had I the time, but for now, Winter was steadily approaching, and it was getting cold, and I needed things to warm me up.

I was wandering around Target like a madwoman, bursting into tears every time I saw something beautiful that was just out of my price range, but soon I settled on two things—

A plain black blazer for my work outfit at a neat $29 (a bit pricey, I know, but it was soooo worth it). This isn’t the exact style but somewhat similar (mine have shorter sleeves and gorgeous flap pockets and it’s also longer), it seems as though I can’t find my blazer on their website.

I also bought a plain black coat for a meagre $23.

These two are pretty much staple items for me; sometimes you need a plain black coat, and dammit sometimes you need a black blazer (my mustard one probably won’t cut it for impressing in job interviews).

Both of these were the lucky last in the size 8 department, so I believed it was probably fate. Or desperation to distract myself from my studies.

Anyways, this sale will only last for a couple more days, so GET TO IT! Target in the Myer Centre have the best range from what I’ve found, and still a huge range of coats (if you’re looking for those, that is).

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