Today was so cold that I barely wanted to get out of bed, let alone the 32-or-something layers that I had bundled over my body and called “my pajamas”. My mother disagrees, she says it’s my Michelin Man outfit. Thanks, mum.

In the end, I ingeniously propped up my hairdryer on a stack of towels and had it on at full blast while I stripped off and changed into my outfit. Luckily, hats make you super-warm, and during my day at uni, I was as snug as a bug in a rug in my cap and fur vest. I think I did quite alright with this outfit, though forgive me, I’ve reused the concept from a few weeks ago, albeit a bit more polished up than then.

School chic is in, and I intend to have a thorough play before the trend dies off!

Here’s the rundown:

CapCotton On, $2

Shirt – Big W, $3

Ribbon – Just an ordinary satin ribbon stolen from an old hat or something

Fur vest – Kmart Kids, $15

Belt – Dotti (DFO!), $3 (can’t exactly remember, but it was thereabouts)

Jeans – Target, $15

BootsTarget, $25 (I got them in the 50% mid-season clearance sale!)

Total: $63.00!

I finished off this look with my school rucksack from eBay ($15 when I bought it a year ago, about $17 now) to chuck all my stuff in, and I was stylin’.

This outfit could have also gone with one of the black jackets that I bought from Target, but it’s not quite cold enough for that yet! I was sweating enough wearing a t-shirt under this outfit and discarding the vest later on, but I love how the elements work together. I always said that I can’t pull of androgyny, but I must have been doing it wrong before, because I don’t mind this outfit!

But I’ve always been a fan of the school look; it comes with the territory of being best friends with Ellen, my sweet, all-manners-of-the-word-“kawaii” childhood friend. We even went to Supernova one year dressed at Japanese schoolgirls. Kitsch, but we had fun anyways!

The outfit below is one of my Summery approaches to something a little school-girly, and I know it’s a bit eccentric of me, but I just loved wearing this around. (Quickly, because this wasn’t the original point of the post, I’ll give the rundown: Sunglasses – eBay, $2; Necklace – Vintage, mother’s; Stripe dress – Cotton On, $5; Belt – Vintage, mother’s; Skater skirt – Ally, $10; Socks – God knows; Shoes – Homypeds, $140). It’s pretty thrifty but those orthopedics were expensive!

Anyways, I’d better leave you guys with that, and my personal recommendation to try your hand at school chic. There’s no better time than the present!

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