Here’s a peek at a new frugal ensemble for you guys that I wore on the weekend during my shopping trip. I’m still somewhat ASOS addicted, sadly, but at least I’m limiting myself to buying dresses there because of the lack of pretty dresses available in Australia and my strict “no dresses under $25” policy. That being said, this outfit followed all the rules, thankfully!

This season, we’re seeing a lot of navy, burgundy and gold/mustard colours about, and while navy is a true favorite colour of mine, I wear it all the time, so I thought I’d give the mustard trend a small celebration with the following outfit. (Considering that burgundy is hard work when you have red hair!)

Here’s the rundown:

Black hairband – Diva, $1 (I have no shame, I’m such a hairband addict)

Geometric necklaceeBay, $2.70

Black patent belt – Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

RARE Dress*ASOS, $20

Stockings – Big W, $5 (in a 2 for $10 pack!)

Boots – Target, $25

Total: $53.70!

With this outfit, because it was quite chilly on the day, I also added a cream Vero Moda fur jacket that I picked up from eBay for $19, but it’s not necessary to make the outfit :o) However, even with that, the total ends up at $72.70 for a complete outfit, which isn’t shabby for Autumn chic!

*A note about the RARE brand, sizing seems to run pretty small. I’m generally a size 8 in Aussie dresses, and this dress is a size 10 and I feel like I’m being strangled by a boa constrictor when I put it on and I’m always afraid of tearing it when I take it off. I could have gone a size 12 in this dress, seriously!

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