I’ve been waiting a while to complete all the elements of this outfit, and, inspired by a very successfully altered pair of old jeans (because no jeans I buy fit me, seriously), I finally got around to altering the pair of pleather shorts I bought a year ago from Cotton On. They gaped something terrible in the back/waist, but they were already pretty tight around the hips, so I went to a tailor to inquire how much it would cost to get them fixed.

After stabbing a million pins into the shorts, I couldn’t even pull them off me anymore because they were so tight! They also gave me a quote of seven times more than the shorts initially cost me. I wanted to tell them “Are you out of your freaking minds?”, but I just calmly pulled all the pins out and ran for my life.

Okay, so I had to fix them myself. I needed to take out the zip and tighten it around that area instead, because the way the tailor wanted to do it, it would never fit up my hips again. And guess what? I survived and I managed to fix them myself, and they no longer gape around the waist (or at least as badly as they used to, but it can’t be helped or I won’t be able to pull them up my legs). I still hold my breath every time I put these shorts on because I worry that one day, I’ll have gained 10g per buttcheek and that’ll finally be too much for these babies, but for now I’m pretty happy.

People—if you’re good at sewing, buy cheapo clothes that fit you bad but have potential and fix them up yourselves. Sometimes you can really save yourself a packet! Or even alter your existing clothes that no longer fit anymore, go DIY if you can—there’s nothing cheaper.

The rundown:

Giant bow hairband: Diva, $1

Omega choker: Equip, $5

Cuff bracelet: Equip, $5

Shirt: ASOS, $15

Singlet: Big W, $3

Pleather shorts: Cotton On, $5 (AWESOME, RIGHT?)

Stockings: Woolworths, $2

( Watch: Gift from Michael; and bag: Gift from somebody that I used to know )

Grand total: $36!

I paired this outfit with my pleather army boots from Andy and I was stylin’ and ready for a day of shopping.

Something ironic just occurred to me today: I’ve been living like a hermit as of late because of my studies, so I’m basically shopping nowadays to buy an outfit for when I go shopping. I think that’s the definition of un-frugal right there.

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