Demi is officially a size 8. Officially! As you know, I’ve taken part of Target’s style survey last Saturday and these are the results: JEANS THAT FIT!

I don’t think I’ve ever had the jeans rant on my blog, but boy am I going to lay into it. I’ve been avoiding jeans for years because they simply don’t fit me. Prior to last week, I had literally 0 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of jeggings. Now I was the biggest fan of jeggings since I bought a pair of them at Supre about a year ago (size M—just that label made me psychologically gain 15kg). They were soft, they were comfortable, and they fit me like a glove. Unlike traditional jeans, which would always either not fit at the waist or not fit up my legs, these wonderful inventions did both of those because of the 5% spandex content in them.

I’ve been criticized a lot for investing in these, but they had a zip-up fly (a real one too), pockets at the front and back, and double stitching, just like ordinary jeans. The only difference was that instead of 2% elastine and 98% cotton, like regular jeans have (or thereabouts), there was 3% more stretchy material. Oh God, please forgive me for my sins..

I have a pretty severe hourglass figure (around 35”, 24”, 36”, with the addition of fuller thighs—forget hourglass, this is pretty much the perfect childbearing representation to me unfortunately) so as a result, all regular jeans would gape at the waist, but if I went a size down, they wouldn’t fit up my legs or bum. This made jeans shopping impossible and a giant pain in the (giant) rear end.

The only jeans that I have successfully been able to wear since I was 12 were mens jeans (which makes NO sense, because men don’t have any hips whatsoever), but obviously they’re not usually designed very flattering towards female figures. On a related note, I did recently alter two male jeans that I bought back in my tomboy days and they fit pretty well, but nothing beats store-made jeans that already fit in my opinion!

But after Target’s size survey, I finally found the wonder pair. This pair is taken from the list printed off from my docket, and they fit me beautifully. Target gets a big tick from me on this count! On the day I bought this pair, there was a huge sale on at Target—50% off jeans and jackets for women (I also bought a gorgeous jacket.. but more on that later, hehe). After participating in the size survey, I also got a further $10 off jeans, which means these babies I’m wearing were as cheap as chips and I didn’t need to resort to buying designer jeans, either!

While I was at Carindale, I also picked up an awesome boy’s school shirt from Big W, and I’m going to be DIYing the crap out of this one.. we’ll see what I can do with it.


Skinny leg jeans (size 8, tall): Target, $15 (down from $50!!)

Boy’s school shirt (size 12): Big W, $3

It was a pretty brilliant day of savings, I have to admit.

Stay savvy, shoppers!

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